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  1. The WhereYouGo app was updated recently, and that's why the stored cartridge folder changed. (Not sure why they would do this but they did) To point the app back to your original folder, where your saved cartridges are stored: Open the app At the home screen press settings Settings screen press Global From the Global screen press Wherigo folder (you'll notice that the folder will currently have what was posted above) From the pop up window select select... Manuever to the folder that was storing your cartridges, which for me is /storage/emulated/0/WhereYouGo/ click OK Just an FYI, the folder /storage/emulated/0/ is usually the root folder of an android device (the folder that you will see when you connect your phone to the computer)
  2. I really don't have a problem with our reviewer, he does a great job. He usually publishes caches the same day they are submitted too. What I don't understand is why Groundspeak would not allow the mention of the Wherigo Foundation or the other builders. Are they someday (probably 20 years down the road) planning on supporting Wherigos more and find that these other entities are taking money away from them?
  3. I've been tinkering with Urwigo, and when I try to run a test in the emulator I can't see everything. I just get a partial look of the Pocket PC screen. Any thoughts?
  4. I recently published a Wherigo, and in my description of the cartridge on the geocaching.com website, I mentioned that I used Earwigo, Urwigo, and help from the Wherigo Foundation in the cache description. The reviewer would not publish my listing until I removed the references to the Wherigo Foundation and the alternative Wherigo builders in cache descriptions, stating that Groundspeak does not want any mention of those in a cache listings. I was a little shocked. Groundspeak has all but abandon Wherigos, and turns their back on the community that is actively supporting it.
  5. I love the name. What builder did you use and is the code available?
  6. Thanks. From now on, before I post anything to the internets, I'll just email you first to make sure it's alright.
  7. Notification Email is nearly USELESS! Can we at least get who hid the cache on a notification email? How about including the .gpx for the cache in the notification email? We don't care who approved the cache, add some useful information in the notification email!!!! Difficulty, Terrain, Cache hider, etc... would be useful.
  8. Putting the Owner, Difficulty, Terrain, Type, and Size information in the email notification not only makes sense, it would probably decrease the bandwidth load on Groundspeak's servers. As it is now, every time a new cache gets published, everyone that got that notification then goes to the website to get the pertinent information. If you knew, for example, that the new cache was another 1/1 lamp-skirt-park-n-grab published by that cacher that always puts their caches in awkward places, then you would just delete the email and forget about it, without the additional hit to Groundspeak's servers. On the flip side, Groundspeak may want us hitting their website as much as possible for the online advertising revenue?
  9. There's a pretty active caching community in Indianapolis. Facebook is where most of the community hangs out on-line. Try this link if you are on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/203164519708103/ Indy Area Geocachers. There's also a Monday Caching Crew that gets together quite frequently, on Mondays. And there is an event tonight in Speedway. http://coord.info/GC4E1E1
  10. Forgot to add the link. Thanks http://coord.info/GC4BJMT Dummy me posted the link to the cache, not the Cartridge. http://www.Wherigo.com/cartridge/details.aspx?CGUID=6d630b76-bce0-47c9-9ed0-cadc0f32510e
  11. I don't use any inputs, but I do have it display a message as soon as they enter each zone. And a few of those messages have a jpg associated with it. It's really a simple Wherigo. Player starts in the beginning zone and the next zone becomes active and a message is displayed and the first task becomes active/visible Player exits zone and that zone becomes inactive and no longer visible Player enters the next zone and a new message is displayed and the next zone becomes active(not visible, the player has to use the clues from the message to find the next zone) and the next task becomes active/visible Player exits zone and that zone becomes inactive and the previous task becomes inactive and no longer visible. Repeat 14 times. To keep the Garmin users from having to start over at the beginning I was going to make the cartridge save itself every time the player enter a new zone.
  12. I've made a few Wherigos now. And as far as I know they've all worked with all the different devices until now. My newest cartridge works fine when used with iphones and different android devices. But I've had two different reports of Garmin Colorados shutting off when running the cartridge, at different points. How do I go about troubleshooting this? I don't think it's a too many active zones at a time issue. I only have at the most, three zones active at any given time. Could it be the user downloaded the wrong type of cartridge? (Pocket PC instead of Garmin?) I've seen where some people have uploaded some of the code of their cart. and people have troubleshot from there but I'm not sure exactly how that is done.
  13. As much as I love Android, it does funny things on different devices when trying to explore the file structure, while within Android. One phone manufacturer's file explorer may only show certain folders, while another explorer may call the phone's memory "SD-Card", and another file explorer may call it "Phone" or SD-Card-0" etc... It can be frustrating until you find out how your particular phone folders are labeled. To compound the issue, it sounds like Windows is also not showing you all of your folders or files. I've had this same sort of problem on different devices and have solved it by downloading a file manager app for my phone. Two that I like a lot are Astro file Manager and ES File Explorer. I bet if you used one of those to drill down to the base level of your phone you'll find the "WhereYouGo" folder. Then it's just a matter of moving the cartridge to your device and copying it to the right folder. Hope that works.
  14. djhobby


    There are a couple of resources. The tutorial on Wherigo.com is where I first got my feet wet building them, but I found that for me the Earwigo builder was more understandable. http://www.earwigo.net/WWB/wiki/doku.php?id=create_your_first_cartridge You will have to email the earwigo guy to set up an account first. I've noticed that Ranger Fox also has a builder but I've not had the opportunity to try it yet. Good luck and have fun with your Wherigos.
  15. Well, I played around with it further, and you can't assign the media/audio to a message. I noticed on the enter/exit events there was an option to "turn sound on or off" and that did it. So... never mind.
  16. I was wanting to test adding some audio to a cartridge. I use Earwigo to build my games, but I can't get audio to work. In the "tip and tricks" section on the Earwigo site it says: In the cartridge builder you create a sound media element (e.g. OpeningDoorSoundMedia) and assign I interpret that as going to the Media tab and adding an mp3 just like I would a photo. Earwigo even changes the "Type" from jpg to mp3 after I upload the file. I then assigned that mp3 to a Message, and then have that message launch when the player enters a specific zone. But that doesn't seem to work. Any tips. Thanks DJ
  17. I would love to see the Whereyougo app that would let you download cartridges. It would also be pretty cool if one of the other "regular" apps like c:geo or GDAK would do wherigos.
  18. In Aurora, IN near Cincinnati there are lots of paddle to caches. There's an event there in June. Here's a bookmark list: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=28848e85-46bf-47eb-bcfa-2b244f0778e7 There WAS a pirate series of caches on Lake Monroe, south of Bloomington, but the new DNR policy took care of them. But, actually they are still there and you can log archived caches. There should be an event shortly to revisit those caches. Pirates of Pine Grove bookmark list: http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=369b9f00-5131-4a34-9250-2c787f4ad245
  19. djhobby

    10 zone "rule"

    Thanks for the input everyone. This is what I've come to realize, but even using this method, (I call it zones within zones within zones) my crackpot idea will require at one point 10 zones active at once. But it sounds like 10 zones will probably work.
  20. djhobby

    10 zone "rule"

    Hello, Has anyone ever experimented with how many zones can be active before the cartridge crashes? I read somewhere that 10 was the max, and I've also read 7. I wonder if those suggestions were written a few years ago when most people were playing on a Pocket PC or Garmin. I figure most people now play Wherigos on their phones that have way more RAM and computing power than those other devices. I'm creating a cartridge that is not like most other Wherigos I've created and played where the game leads you from one zone to the next and you only need two or three zones active. For my new cartridge I need to have lots of zones active. Does the player automatically crash at 10 zones. Or maybe only the Garmin crashes at 7 but then the Pocket PC crashes at 10? Thanks DJ
  21. No, not multiple compares. I think I've got a handle on the Expressions now... (cue ominous music) Now I'm just trying to figure out how to fix my player inputs. I might save that problem for another thread.
  22. You can also use the Chrome and Dolphin browsers to download cartridges from the Wherigo website.
  23. Thank you. I kept thinking the if/else compare feature was something I did in the Expression itself. After reading your response I realized the if/else was something I do elsewhere like when entering a zone etc... then have it refer to the Expression. I was worried this forum was dead. There aren't a lot of places to look for Wherigo help. Earwigo used to have a great forum in Google Groups but I guess that's gone. Thanks again.
  24. Hello, hopefully someone here can help. I can't remember how to do this. I'm using earwigo to build a cartridge where users collect points along the way. Once the user gets so many points I want the cartridge to complete a Task. I have a Variable built and it gets a Variable Update of so many points every time someone completes certain Tasks. Once that Variable gets over a certain number (in this case 30) I want it to complete a different Task. I assume I have to use an Expression to check that, but I'm having a little trouble wrapping my head around how those work. Thanks for any help. DJ
  25. Worked great! Thanks. Groundspeak should hire you and then bring Wherigo out of Beta. I love wherigos, but I'm alone on that thought in my area, so I'm conflicted between making another cool Wherigo that no one plays or making a multi stage cache using QR codes and NFC tags. Thanks for your work.
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