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  1. I have done it this way as well but by just using a hex editor and adding the text at the end of the coding.
  2. The bolded link is the way that I did on one of my puzzles.
  3. Those ads were only for you during registration. You won't see them again and no one visiting your page will ever see an ad. I don't know how familiar you are with making web pages but make sure to include an index.html page (even if its blank) in each of the subfolders you make if you dont want people to access the root directory.
  4. I dont think I have ever listed the name of the cache on the logs inside the cache and I have seen many others that dont.
  5. Do you not have some free web space included with your broadband connection from your ISP. Philip A lot of the free with ISP web spaces are limited in functionality and are a little more secure in what they allow. One of my puzzles consists of a .txt file embedded into an image and when I was hosting it on another website the website itself was stripping the .txt file upon uploading. Photobucket does this as well but randomly so it worked for a while there. So far with fileave I have had no filtering on any type scripts or images and the web address is much shorter and more attractive that way. 50 MB of space isnt bad either when it's free!
  6. I do like getting FTF's though I don't chase them quite as much as I used to. My point of view on the issue is that GS probably does not want to encourage FTF chasing because they do not want to worry about the liabilities (not that I think they are liable for people's stupid actions) of having people racing for FTF's and getting into/causing accidents and shining a bad light on it in the media. People also tend to bend the rules for FTF's such as going after caches that say not at night or not during certain times rather than just waiting. I don't see them incorporating it into the game.
  7. I have done this on several puzzles. I use fileave.com because it is free and has no advertising or popups for the guests to the page but there are plenty of free sites out there. I have one puzzle that is an online riddle with 30 different levels where you have to find your way to the next page. Also, as stated above, you can hide the link to the puzzle which is exactly what I did on GC2BH5V where each word on the page is a link and only one link goes to the puzzle.
  8. I do. Several times a shift. My closest backup is, at a minimum, 20 minutes away. I will have my citation/warning/etc issued long before backup shows up. Me too. I ride a motorcycle so I am always alone and my primary job is traffic enforcement (stopping cars) and I typically ride the worst side of town late at night and approach cars with 4 and 5 people in them by myself. Like TAR said, the people on these forums will argue with anyone about anything.
  9. From the Pennsylvania Driver's Manual: Chapter 4 - Driving Record Information PA Driver’s Manual - 79 - You may ask the officer for identification, and should do so if the individual who has stopped you is not in uniform or has an unmarked vehicle. Problem is that you are quoting a driver's handbook, not the actual law. Uh... OK. Lemme see if I got this right... You claimed it was illegal for non-uniformed cops to conduct traffic stops. I cited a source which suggested it was not illegal. You cited a source which clearly states it's not illegal. And I have the problem? Whatever you say. Y'all seem to be quoting PA law here. The officer (if it was an officer) stated he was a US Marshall, not a PA Marshall. Federal laws trump state laws and federal officers play by a whole different set of rules. Try finding a law saying that a federal officer must be clearly marked or in uniform. A large number of them ride plain vehicles and clothes everyday. Many of them are also familiar with the offiers that work the same area they do and know what's going on. Maybe he had a heads up and lives in this particular area and is jut watching out whenever he is in the area. I like to keep up with the crime going on near my house and pay more attention to certain areas when I know stuff is going on. There seems to be a lot of the blind leading the blind here.
  10. This happens to me quite often here at home. It also logs me out a lot even though I have the remember me box checked all the time. I have deleted the cookies time and time again and several other things but it still logs me out a lot (but not always). The forums almost never log me out though, even when the main site does.
  11. There are also US Marshall Task Forces where the members are acutally employed by the local departments but are working as and being paid by the US Marshalls. This could be another reason for the unmarked vehicle (which they almost always have). And as for the getting out of the car thing, wow. I would have proned him out on the asphalt had he jumped out of his car on me like that.
  12. I love, love, LOVE the new trackables collection! I have been tired of looking at my inventory on my profile page and seeing so many of my own and trying to sort through them all. The other updates all seem awesome so far too! Thanks for a GREAT update this go around!
  13. If you ran your myfinds pq within the last few days then it still shows up in the download tab. If you click to run a new myfinds pq, it will update the text that is already under the downloads tab to show the correct information, however, it will still download the old file from a few days ago. If you have nothing under the downloads tab and you run any pq, it will email saying that it is ready but it will not add it under the download tab at all. This sounds really confusing but it all boils down to: The PQs are messed up. Edit to add: It seems that if you limit your PQ to 500 or less, it may still work properly.
  14. GCB6 - Yellow River Stash in Georgia was hidden 11/2000 and it had 3 or 4 log books of all the old logs. That was pretty neat to read because, as others have mentioned, it was more than just names or TFTCs. There was stories about the trip to it, the weather that day, etc. They were very cool to look through.
  15. Should be the one that uses a blank electrical faceplate with magnets on the back. Its probably not a guideline problem. Not all bridges are terrorist targets.
  16. What makes you think that geocaching doesn't require anything from the parks? They can't - and shouldn't - trust geocachers to uphold park regulations. They need to make sure a geocache doesn't inadvertently cause unauthorized trails or other damage to occur in the park. If the geocaches cause an increase in the number of visitors, they may need to increase their staffing to cope. Geocachers can get themselves into risky situations just as well as other land users can. Geocachers are also perfectly capable of littering, using parks outside of designated hours, going off trail, peeling bark off trees, and all the other petty little nuisances that parks want to curtail. And, uh, geocachers need to use parking too. You make it like they are going out of their way to check on geocachers. Guess what. They get paid to watch the parks and the parks are given OUR tax money to maintain the lands. They arent doing anything extra for us other than making sure it isn't a sensitive area. If they see a problem with that spot later, then request it be moved or archived. It makes no sense to make someone pay anything other than a nominal entrance fee to use a park that they are paying for. Anyone else that visits the park can put themselves into risky situations, litter, and stay in the park at night so geocachers are no different than the other people that come to the park. An increase in visitors from geocaching would be very unlikely to cause a need for a staff increase.
  17. I recently left my gpsr behind a building after finding a cache in a neighboring city. I was almost home when I reached over to turn it off and realized I didn't have it. I had only about 30 minutes to get home and change and get to work so I had no time to go back and get it. I called a cacher I knew that lived close to where I left it and they were out of town so they called their daughter who was able to go pick it up within 15 minutes of me realizing it was missing. Then a short while later I was telling another cacher who lived right around the corner from me about it and she was passing through that area on the way to get some FTFs that had just published. She stopped and brought it back to me. Pretty cool to have it back within a few hours like that. There are some really great cachers out there.
  18. The bark piece, dead center, that looks like it's overlapping the bark to the left of it? Maybe? Yep, its a very slight overlap. It is more so in the crevice between the two pieces and it stands out a little in the picture. It is actually about 6 feet high and blends in quite nicely when you havent a clue what you are looking for. It was also fresh then and now it has aged a little more like the rest of the bark on the tree. Someone the other day had to call for a hint even though they knew exactly what they were looking for. There is a nano on the underside of the bark. That one would be more devious, I think, if it was placed on the side of the tree with less lichen. Where it is now, the surrounding bark has a good bit of lichen on it. If part of the weathering-in process has allowed lichen to grow on it, then that'd be the ticket. I am going to go by there and change the log soon so I can relist it. Right now it is attached to a fairly difficult puzzle so it doesnt get found too often. I plan on relisting it as a traditional cache. I will try to get a better picture and put it up to show the other side.
  19. The bark piece, dead center, that looks like it's overlapping the bark to the left of it? Maybe? Yep, its a very slight overlap. It is more so in the crevice between the two pieces and it stands out a little in the picture. It is actually about 6 feet high and blends in quite nicely when you havent a clue what you are looking for. It was also fresh then and now it has aged a little more like the rest of the bark on the tree. Someone the other day had to call for a hint even though they knew exactly what they were looking for. There is a nano on the underside of the bark.
  20. I think its a great idea! After you finally kick the bucket, you can have a TB tag affixed into your headstone the way that pictures are, for everyone to discover. Or, it could be the first stage of a multi with the coordinates to the next or final stage engraved somewhere on it. (Though it would need to be somewhere a cache could be permanent as you couldnt very easily edit that one)
  21. I have known people to hide a challenge and the reviewer request that you put a date restriction in there before they publish it.
  22. I would do some research on that since one of the requirements is that all the info needed to find the cache has to be on the GC page. Generally requiring people to go to another page can be a reason for rejection. I think they have allowed Youtube videos. The concern is that that page goes down or has a problem and the cache can't be found. I have several puzzles that you have to click on a link which takes you the puzzle that is on my own webpage. One of them is a 5 difficulty that you must find your way through 30 levels of webpages to get to the coordinates. I havent had any problems with any of them in the review process. There is no ads or links to other pages on any of them, just the puzzle. The guidelines state: Caches that require a geocacher to visit another website will not be published if the finder must create an account with, or provide personal information to, the other website. I also have my puzzle sites backed up on my computer, and uploaded onto another seperate web host so if the main one goes down I can simply edit the link on the GC page and it is fixed.
  23. Notice the difference^ C:\Program Files\gsak\locations\country.csv All slashes should be back slashes.
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