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County errors

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Here is another group from PA:


PID - Listed County - Coord County

AJ7764 - PA, BEDFORD - Somerset


KW0957 - PA, CUMBERLAND - York

KW2100 - PA, CUMBERLAND - York


JW0106 - PA, FULTON - MD, WASHINGTON **description places it in PA, FULTON





For JW0106, I believe it's the scaled coords that are incorrect.



N 39 54.705'

W 77 33.137'

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Some of these aren't in the wrong counties. Since I erroneously identified them earlier in this thread as being in the wrong counties, I've posted the corrections here:


PID - listed county - actual county

ME2092 - IN,Elkhart - Kosciusko

ME0438 - IN,Fulton - Kosciusko

MD1286 - IN,Fulton - Kosciusko

JA1780 - IN,Harrison - Crawford

LA1406 - IN,Harrison - Grant

HZ2627 - IN,Jefferson - Clark

HZ2628 - IN,Jefferson - Clark

JA1156 - IN,Knox - Not wrong

ME2129 - IN,Lake - Porter

ME2094 - IN,La Porte - Starke

ME2150 - IN,La Porte - Not wrong



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And here's the rest of the state.


PID - listed county - actual county

LA2483 - IN,Miami - Henry

ME1413 - IN,Newton - Jasper

ME1424 - IN,Newton - Jasper

KA0366 - IN,Owen - Greene

ME3330 - IN,Porter - Lake

ME3327 - IN,Porter - Lake

ME3380 - IN,Porter - Lake

ME2147 - IN,Porter - not wrong

ME0070 - IN,St. Joseph - Elkhart

ME3206 - IN,Starke - Pulaski

ME3207 - IN,Starke - Pulaski

HZ2629 - IN,Switzerland - Clark

HA0707 - IN,Warrick - Vanderburgh

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So, everyone knows that I used software to find the list of markers in Indiana. Obviously, the software (or, more precisely, the county map) wasn't perfect, so there were some false positives (as well as some false negatives, no doubt, particularly since I filtered out the points that were within a few hundred feet of the right county but might still have technically been wrong.)


My question is, did I generate too much data too quickly for the process to handle? Or was it just that I didn't follow through and identify the correct counties for all of these?


By the way, for those who want to do this themselves, the software I used is nothing more than GPSBabel in combination with some polygon outlines I got from the Census Bureau. I'd be happy to send anyone who requests it a state's worth of county boundaries and instructions on doing this for your own state, though I now think it's probably a good idea to check all of the "hits" before posting them here, and perhaps to post them in smaller batches.

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I have reviewed and checked the corrections suggested by gnbrotz (10/05), RogBarn (10/06) and Warm Fuzzies - Fuzzy (10/06). I agree with all with the exceptions of KW2100 - description states that the mark is located 14 feet north of the county line, but the scaling, which could easily be in error by 6 seconds plots it in the adjoining county. I will go with the text, and JW0106 which is defined as a State Line Monument. We can only put it in one state/county so it will remain as is.

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I agree with your assesment (for now). This one is close enough to me that I will take the time to visit it in person. Based on topos and aerial photos it appears that Route 15 has been re-routed since the 1966 description.


Also, the river is the county line, and since the mark is to be "IN THE TOP OF THE SOUTH END OF EAST SIDEWALK OF A BRIGE OVER A RIVER AND RAILROAD", we seem to have a contradiction. Either it is in the north end of the bridge, or south of the county line. I will post again when I have concrete information for this mark.



N 39 54.705'

W 77 33.137'

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I notice that most of the corrections suggested here have been made but a curious collection remain unchanged. Also, some were changed but not to the county suggested here. Those not changed:

HZ2627 - IN,Jefferson - IN,Clark

ME3327 - IN,Porter - IN,Lake

LA1195 - IN,Randolph - IN,Delaware

LC1255 - IL,Morgan - IL,Tazewell

KB1583 - IL,Fayette - IL,Macoupin

JB1238 - IL,Randolph - IL,Perry


Those changed but still incorrect:

PID - orig - changed to - should be

KA2041 - IN,Marion - IN,Johnson - IN,Hamilton

KA2046 - IN,Marion - IN,Henry - IN,Johnson

LA2483 - IN,Miami - IN,Delware - IN,Henry

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I am going through each Nevada county checking for errors. I have completed Storey county and found these:


NV029 (Storey County, Nevada)


AB2962, JUMBO - should be Washoe County, Nevada

KR1658, LOUSE - should be Washoe County, Nevada

KR1947, RNO C - should be Washoe County, Nevada


KR1639, SUTRO - described as destroyed in 1951 by CGS; reset as KR1637, SUTRO 2.


KR1640, CEDAR HILL - described as destroyed in 1951 by CGS; reset as KR1641, CEDAR HILL 2.


--- J

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I have tried to keep track of the errors posted in the forums and occanssionally double check the current datasheet on NGS to make sure they get updated correctly. Right now, there are four that have not been corrected:


KA2041: originally IN/Marion, updated to IN/Harrison, should be IN/Hamilton

ME3327: IN/Porter, should be IN/Lake

KR1639 & KR1640; NV/Storey, should be NV,Washoe

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I have another small group. I mapped the coordinates to see which county they were in and then checked the description to make sure it matched the mapped location.


PID - listed county - actual county

JB0548 - IL,Effingham - IL,Clay

DF7928 - IL,White - IL,Edwards

JC1509 - MO,Gasconade - MO,Phelps

HC0338 - MO,Washington - MO,Iron


editted to add:


PID - listed county - actual county

KB1578 - Il,Douglas - IL,Coles

AJ3081 - Il,Will - IL,Lake

DF7926 - Il,Kane - IL,Dupage

Edited by rogbarn
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The following stations are incorrectly listed in Fairfax County, Virginia.

They are within the city limits of Alexandria, which is an independent city and not part of neighboring Fairfax County. (Unlike most other states, Virginia has a number of municipalities which are not considered part of any county.)

These should all be placed in VA/C OF ALEXANDRIA.


HV9658 - GPS 52 (Founders Park, Old Town waterfront)

HV9660 - GPS 53 (Founders Park, Old Town waterfront)

HV9659 - GPS 52 AND 53 AZ MK (Founders Park, Old Town waterfront)

HV9657 - GPS 51 AZ MK (Cameron and West Sts., Old Town)

HV2220 - Q 382 (1500 King St., Old Town)


(I have advised DaveD of these via private email.)



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I have gone thru the control points for Kentucky and find the following problems:


This first group seem to be simple county errors. The description matches the coordinates, it’s just in the wrong county. The last one is actually in the right county but the wrong state.


HZ1953 - Ky,Boone - KY,Kenton

DF4914 - Ky,Boone - KY,Kenton

GB1028 - Ky,Clinton - KY,Wayne

HY1989 - Ky,Fleming - KY,Mason

HY1990 - Ky,Fleming - KY,Mason

HY2545 - Ky,Franklin - KY,Mason

GY3375 - Ky,Fulton - KY,Martin

GZ2230 - Ky,Laurel - KY,Taylor (or Marion?)

GZ3061 - Ky,Lincoln - KY,Marion

GZ2568 - Ky,Wolfe - KY,Madison

GZ3057 - Ky,Wolfe - KY,Madison

GZ3058 - Ky,Wolfe - KY,Madison

GZ3056 - Ky,Wolfe - KY,Madison

GC1147 - Ky,Montgomery - TN,Montgomery


GZ2613 seems to be off one degree latitude

Listed at: 36 21 42 N 085 28 04 W

The description places it at 37 21 42 N 085 28 04 W


The next group seem to have been confused with PIDs with the same or similar designation:


GZ1370 (D 1) – is confused with the nonpublished HZ1766 (D 1 USGS)

GB2313 (Y 195 RESET) – is confused with GB0514 (Y 195) in TN

GY1095 (X 320) seems to be confused with the 320 series in VA although there is no X 320 in VA.

JZ0462 (F 142) and JZ0463 (G 142) seem to be confused with the 142 series in OH although there is no F 142 or G 142 in OH.


I have advised DaveD of these privately.

Edited by rogbarn
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