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Indoor caching!


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Hmm... on the one hand it's intriguing, as it generates the possibility of caching somewhere that is nice to visit, but doesn't necessarily have grounds/local area suitable for a cache. However, as "t4e" says Geocaching as a hobby is an outdoor thing, and as such it has far less security issues than if caches were indoors.


It also creates the possibility for lazy CO's to setup in places they visit all the time, just for the sake of it. That would severely degrade the whole thing, as it wouldn't be as interesting as going out into say a park, to see what's there.


As such, I'd say I stand fairly 80/20 against on this - more things can go wrong with it, but there's a little room for it to be viable :)

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That'd be interesting - imagine ALL the possible hiding places in a building!! Though I guess there aren't too many public buildings to be within the GC rules...


Interestingly, GNSS (in a certain form) has been used on commercial airliners for donkeys years - typically, ring-laser-gyroscopes (RLG) are used as accelerometers to sense movement from an initial position, and GPS signals are used to supplement this data as the accelerometers have a certain time-dependent inaccuracy. This is especially true over large ocean routes where there are no radio towers to provide position updates. Currently, using just GPS as a navigation device on board an aircraft is against regulations, hence its use as a secondary navigation source. So, the technology's been around for a while, but as the article mentions, its size needs reducing!!


Also, as the previous poster says, geocaching is currently used as an excuse to get outdoors...

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