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Satmap or Oregon 450

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I'm fortunate to have recently come in to some spare money and I'm going to blow the lot on upgrading my GPSr from a Garmin Vista Hcx to either a Satmap Active 10 or an Oregon 450.


My question is, which one should I buy?? The Satmap looks very attractive due to its larger screen BUT the Oregon seems to be more geared to geocaching, which is what I'll mainly be using it for, plus it supports US mapping (handy for my occasional visits).


Has anyone used both? Or have any opinons on which to get? I've searched the forums but there seems to be very little info on the Satmap.


Thanks in advance

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Oregon will accept Pocket Queries direct from GC.com and with the field note function, help keep notes for logging when you get home.

I looked at Satmap last year at the Outdoor Show (Which is at the end of March & might save you a few bob if you buy there) and can't say that it really impressed me, but that is a personal point of view and not really 'using' it.

That was also before I had the Oregon.

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I, very luckily, got an Oregan 550t from Santa and find it brilliant to use.


I haven't got the hang of all the whitles and bells yet but I'm getting there.


There is a Wiki site dedicated to the Garmins Gps and answers all sorts of questions and gives detailed stages on how to do what. I've found it very usefull.


i also got a 550t from santa very luck i was and i love it so so much.



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A friend I go caching with has a Satmap and we are usually on our second cache before the Satmap even gets a Satellite fix :blink:


Go for an Oregon with Garmin Discoverer Maps. If you apply the latest Firmware (3.20 on the 550) then the Oregon's are a joy to use!



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A friend I go caching with has a Satmap and we are usually on our second cache before the Satmap even gets a Satellite fix :blink:


Most odd - I have no trouble with mine, but then I do use my Satmap as my in car navigation tool as well.


Since the v1.4 software install, the battery life seems to be much longer and the hibernate settings seem to improve start up time too.

The POI locking problem is greatly diminished and there are now bespoke GC icons.


About the only thing I've found the Satmap can't do yet is Wherigo caching.

On the plus side you get a big screen OS map to revel in and with a bit of nouce given a GPS signal failure, you can still navigate yourself to the rough cache location, certainly close enough to start searching with the clue.

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Thanks for the responses. I think I'm swinging towards the Oregon, particularly as I've heard Garmin will be doing a good deal on a 450/Discoverer maps combo at the upcoming Outdoor Show. Having said that the Satmap's bigger screen is REALLY appealing. Decisions, decisions...... I shall try them both at the show and decide then probably.



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Having had a 60 CSx for 3 years and a yellow Etrex for 5 years before that have bitten the bullet and bought a Satmap. It's been brilliant so far - locks on quickly and the bigger screen is ideal for walking. Have just imported a gpx file from GSAK with all the info, logs and hints that are required. So basically, can say so far it's fine although I understand there were one or two issues with earlier Satmaps.

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