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What Would You Do?


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It's the Zombie Apocalypse. Civilization as we know it is falling apart as it's being eaten alive by the undead. The Internet is down; it's unknown how long it will take to bring the Net back online again.


Your local area is now reasonably clear of zombies; one day it occurs to you that you know a lot of the local cache locations and you don't need GPS to hit the larger ones.


What do you do about the trackables? :rolleyes:


ETA: Hmmm. I probably should have turned this into a cointest, shouldn't I? :D

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well at least with this hypothetical scenario, there's not a real issue hiding behind it that the poster doesn't want to come out and complain about directly! I hope not anyways - I've been in the house all day, did I miss something big? I'm off to check the news site.


(Are Zombies bothered by cold weather? I don't know much about them..)

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I'd have to say that in such a scenario, geocaching would be the last thing on my mind. With a loss of power and a collapse of civilization, I'd be far more worried with the basic necessities: How do I grow food for myself/my family/my community and last through the year? How do I best organize the people around me for communal support & defense? Have we gotten all of the books we'll possibly need out of the library and into a defensible position? Who has useful survival skills, and how can I best ensure that those skills are passed on to as many people as possible? How are we going to govern ourselves until the crisis is overcome, and what are our long-term plans if it isn't? Where do we put the poop, and how do we guarantee the purity of our water supply? Plus dealing with the inevitable anguish as people who, say, require power & high technology to survive (e.g., diabetics, people requiring regular dialysis, etc) die off, not to mention, of course, having to deal with zombies.


Nope, sorry, geocaching wouldn't really be in my mind at all. Though we might have to go out in armed force in order to collect ammo cans and other containers (they'd be useful). But we'd have to really NEED them to risk that. (Of course, this all depends on the actual situation.) I would probably just leave them be, and hope that at some point civilization could be restored and the caches would still be there, waiting for us (presumably, Zombies would only be interested in brains, not caches). I certainly hope that the situation would not get so bad that we'd need to go collect and (gasp, sniff, weep) melt down the geocoins.

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Hmm... since there is no internet to log any coins I would keep the ones who I am not the owner to log them after everything is fine! But... in case of hard times.... I am sure that if I use them it will not matter....


I would turn my house into a fortress and since I am in the highest floor of my block of apartments with big balconies, I would try to grow my own food just in case of emergency! I would even use the roof... :)


I would also try to collect rain water, boil it and have it if thins get hard!


also it would be good to collect batteries, wood, gas.... for lights or for a fire to warm when electricity is down!


Now... I would create my own weapons! It is not allowed to have guns etc in greece, and since I am not a hunter... but Ok... kitchen knifes or garden tools do great job in zombies... I think a hit in their head and they are back where they belong!! :D after all... do not forget... even if I am not in the army anymore... I am still a sergeant and a soldier....till my 65! :D So I know some things... I am trainned for guerilla war... and I had trainned many too! :)


Now... In hard times when everything is collapsed, maybe geocoins will become a real currency! what I mean... they are metal! Maybe others will take them to melt them for bullets or to create arrowheads... who knows...


I would comunicate with other geocachers to create the Geoforce (:rolleyes:) to elimintate any zombies in the area... or... with arrows (easy to make) we would throw them to them with attached TB's or GC so... when things will be ok but there are still some zombies left... to be trackable! :D Maybe the geobug who greated the "bitten by the bug" mystery coin will do that for us! :D

Geocoin secret agent will find a way to comunicate (from his coins too) with all his agents and create a small army of fighters....


But on the other hand.... how we will know when the net will be back... if it is a zombienet? :D


By the way.... if you want to go for geocaching, remember... zombies are interested in brains... so stay away from multi caches or mystery caches!!! ;)


Also.... I am sure that the cache reaper will be furious seeing all the dead walking and he has a great weapon..... don't you think? the problem is... how we will comunicate??? Maybe his mystery coins are also a way to comunicate with him.....

The same thing probably goes to Dark knight too.... :D

Oh... and maybe Bell witch do some magic and help us! :D


About caches now.. since we are talking hypothetically... there will be other geocacher here...ok? It is an island so it will be ok to find eachother! If not and we are far away, we would leave messages in caches to comunicate and create the geo resistance! :) I am sure that we would had the coordinates of the house of all, so we could use the GPS...too!


Well... there are many things to do but the worst thing will not be a zombie apocalypse but a muggle one!!! Can you imagine that??? what can you do if hundrents of muggles start stealling geocoins, if everything about the game, where the caches are etc will fall in the hands of muggles?? If muggle hackers enter and find out everything and even where we live and start hunting us??? (do not ask why! I do not know... :D maybe because they will thing that we are revolutioners and we want to destroy the earth before they do! :D)


Will that be the end of the geocaching? will our lives change for ever?


Or... if alliens come and take trackables in an other galaxy... or... or.... :D

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:rolleyes: so I'm wondering what brought this question up.


I would have to make a geo coin gun or sling shot, and get the coin companys to gather.

Then we would tie say maybe a shark grade fishing line to each coin so we can retract the coin after use so they are reuseable, I think after the geocoin army killed off the zombies each coin would have to have a kill count next to the milage. I think muggles would be considered zombies too, so maybe a muggle kill count may be in order, muggles don't like brains so we could use the coin ammo for bait.


I think some baseball players and pitchers could be used for speedy attacks and swinging bats and ammo cans filled with rocks, and dropped off high places could be pretty effectave with group attacks.


We could also dig a huge hole in the ground cover it and all the zombies would fall in then we could play a game like the ones at the arcades where you bonk the ground hog that pops up with the mallet.


Lots of traps, would help, and tbs could be ground down to arrow heads and mounted on objects for swinging traps or spears.


Us coin collectors and geocachers are good at gathering so I think we would have an army to hunt them. Communications could be moris code and notes left in caches. we would never be lost with our gps and being zombies can't read we could even post flyers on poles around town, sooner or later with our army the zombies would die off. And we could regain controll and restart life as we knew it.

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With civilization collapsing trackables will no longer be trackable and Eartha will NOT allow any mention of them on the forums. But wait.... with no civilization or order the mods won't matter any longer. Posters can trade and sell non trackables on the forums all they want. BWAHAHAHAHAH.....

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