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What's Your Favorite Screen Protector

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Tried zagg 2 times

First was perfect for my colorado

2nd order contained 2 sets

1 for oregon, it did not fit

2 for netbook, it did not fit either


Now I use I-Touch screen protectors, I like it better because it's mucht smoother, not as sticky as zagg.

You can cut it yourself and much cheaper.

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I was using some cheaper, disposable, screen protectors designed for PDAs on my GPS before I purchased a ZAGG invisibleshield for my iPod touch, and then later my iPhone. Once I tried the ZAGG on the other devices, the next time the GPS was ready for a replacement I ordered the ZAGG. I've had the same ZAGG on there for almost a year now and it still looks like new. With the disposable protection I was replacing it about every other month.

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Last week's sale at Zagg got a little of this thread started...


What's your favorite screen protector for your GPS device - or do you even bother with one? And how many have you tried?


I was using some cheap brand I bought from Radio Shack and they were a real pain. I did an online search and found Nushield. They're easy to apply, invisible, and durable. I did have to cut to size though, but that's no big deal. Since I haven't tried any other high quality brand I can't compare.

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I should have asked if you're using a touch screen or not since that may make some difference as Curioddity and Chrysalides mentioned.


It sounds like both I-Touch and NuShield require the user to cut the film themselves...


and splashy, wonder why the Zagg fit your CO but not your OR - I thought that they were the same screen size - or were there other issues dealing with differences in the moldings?


It seems funny that all of these gadget manufacturers haven't begun including protective screens themselves and installed on their various devices as standard equipment given the obvious demand for them.

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They are the same size, I ordered the Oregon Zagg 1.5 year after the first order and it was the wrong size.

Besides the fact that the Zagg is sticky, it stayed these 1.5 year on the Gps, did not peel and protected the screen.

For now I'm using the Itouch protector and happy with the product, also the price is much better $11 for a 5 sheets pack.

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The Clarivue screen protectors arrived today and were easily and quickly installed on both my CO 400i and OR 550, thanks in part to their instructional video. One size fit both the OR and CO. A perfectly dust free screen is imperative before application.


As noted in the video, they are cut slightly smaller than the actual screen; approximately 1.5mm narrower in width and the height something less than the Garmin screen. Here's a close up view of the corners on both units with the shield installed:

COcorners.png . . . ORcorners.png


At only $5 for two shields (plus $3 shipping from British Columbia) they seem perfect! The only retailer that I was able to find for them was through Cellular-Link Wireless at its eBay store.



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The Clarivue screen protectors arrived today and were easily and quickly installed on both my CO 400i and OR 550, thanks in part to their instructional video. One size fit both the OR and CO. A perfectly dust free screen is imperative before application.

I'll have to consider these Clarivue screen protectors next time I need one. I am done with Invisible Shield. The first one I bought, for an eXplorist several years ago, went on easily and looked great. You just got the film wet with your own water and no problem. Since they have switched to the spray, I have had issues. Last year I tried to put one onto a friend's cell phone and it looked terrible. I felt bad for making the guy's phone look so ugly. I put an Invisible Shield on my PN-30 a couple months ago and while it looks better than the one I put on the phone, it still looks nowhere near as good as the one I put on the eXplorist. The Invisible Shield on my PN-30 has a few tiny bubbles I can't get out and as a whole, the shield looks wavy and kind of wrinkly. Not smooth like the one I put on my eXplorist. When I had to get a screen protector for my iPod Touch, I didn't even consider Invisible Shield. I instead got a 3-pack of screen protectors (might have been DLO, not sure) that are applied in a manner similar to the Clarivue, I don't know if I'll ever need the two remaining protectors.


Anyway, good to see there are alternatives to Invisible Shield. Too bad Clarivue doesn't make any DeLorme protectors. I suppose I could buy one of their pre-cut sheets and trim it accordingly.

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I got a Zagg for my PN40 and I am about to rip it off and throw it away.


The black sponge used to apply the liquid left flecks stuck to the thing. It looks terrible and is certainly not invisible. The micro bubbles did not disappear as the instructions said they would.


I have a Screen Guarder that I cut to fit my sons Garmin and it really is invisible and installed super easy.


I'm going to to trim the other piece that is left and put it on my PN40.

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Invisible for me too - I mounted my gpsr on my dirt bike, hard wired it to the bike's battery and ride on!. I've been through trees, bushes and the like with the bike and gpsr - there are some scratches on the shield, but it's still performing fine even with that abuse. rider

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I was using some cheap brand


I was using some cheaper, disposable, screen protectors designed for PDAs


...oh, and I forgot to ask, cylcer48 and fegan, do you happen to recall the cheap brands you'd stay clear of?


I don't recall the name of the cheapo brand I first tried ... just that I bought them at Radioshack. (edit: found them - Sakar GPS Screen Protectors)It was near impossible to apply them without having bubbles under the protective sheet and they actually made the screen harder to read in some lighting conditions. The NuShield, however, applied with no bubbles and made the screen a little easier to read. They also appear to be quite durable. I've probably had the first NuShield protector on now for about three months and it still looks good. The cheap ones ... I was going through one per week.

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Have been buying them for camera LCD, GPS, etc. from "Photo Don". He makes a business of cutting down the big stuff into useful sizes and selling them.




Material is very durable and easy to apply. He's got everything from dinky ones that would fit an eTrex up to things that would cover a small plasma TV.


Don't try looking here http://www.photodon.com/c/Garmin.html or you'll wind up with Nuvi sized stuff. That said, I got the 2pk kit for my TomTom, put one on the TomTom and cut the other in half for my two Garmin handhelds. If you're not sure what you need, just measure the face of your unit and send them an email. They'll figure out which piece will fit best.


For non-glare purposes and especially on an Oregon or Dakota with their touchscreens, you want the thinner MXT material: http://www.photodon.com/FilmSpecs-MXTNG.pdf


It costs only about 2X as much as the Wally World version, and is really a better product.

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