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  1. Try searching for the same questions applied to the ETrex Legend vs. Vista. This has come up many many times. The ETrex 30 has even a better compass than the Vista.
  2. Ha! Those were exactly my thoughts. The number 255 is a "computer number" and there is a limit in the file table or root directory of the card, or something like that. At least I can confirm the exact same behavior.
  3. I was exploring the 2GB external memory card on my Vista HCX today and noted that the date stamped .gpx logs seem to have stopped being generated some time last year. No recent daily log files were present, even though I use the GPS several days a week. The track log setup is set to "wrap when full" and under data card setup, there is a check in the "log track to data card box". Hmmm. There is still more than 650MB free on the card too. Then I happen to notice to that the card contained 255 "objects". Ha! I bet there is a limit on the number of files that can be placed on that card, at least for logs. I deleted about 200 of them and voila! Today's daily date stamped .gpx file is now created. Has anyone else noted this limitation? I can't find any other reference to it on the 'net.
  4. It has to do with downloading the ephemeris needed by the GPS so that it knows what satellites are visible in your area. If you've moved far enough from your last location, then satellites showing on your screen are likely not visible and the GPS has to find the signal from any other random satellite, download the full table of data needed to find other satellites, then find them one by one. That is what the delay is.
  5. 1.5 years 1.0 years never I used black RTV silicone and it is now fixed perfectly.
  6. My Vista HCx doesn't do this. Plug and unplug all I want. It doesn't shut off even if I've just transferred new tracks to it. In fact, you can watch the tracks appear on the units screen as you transfer them.
  7. Talk to the reviewer for that area. (New York Admin)Maybe they know what is up with that cache placement and can remind the owner they should probably retrieve the bug while the approval process is being completed. Banning people will only ensure your bug never returns. By the way, you don't want to show the tracking number of your bug in photos. You can use Microsoft paint to smudge it out in the photo. Good luck! Thanks for the help. I've blurred out the TB tracking number as you advised. I'll contact the NY Admin about that cache, but the person hanging on to the TB (Tha Twinz) never placed it there according to an earlier email from them last year. They still have it in their possession and have never bothered to put it anywhere. That's the frustrating part.
  8. My first travel bug was a gift given to me by my daughter. I thought of a great theme, bought some items to attach to it, and hid it. It was picked up in a couple of months and then traded at a multi event. Now, 9 months later, the person who has it has not placed it again. The website says it was placed in a cache that was never published. Several months ago the "keeper" said they still had it and was going to drop it in a cache. My last email went unanswered. Premium members should be fined or banned for doing this type of thing. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1764384
  9. I use my HCx on my road bicycle, mountain bike, geocaching and in the car. It works great and can be used instead of my Nuvi 760 when I am en route to another location in my car. My son has one as well and uses it for the same purposes. It's a top choice!
  10. I have used nicd and nimh for years. I now use only low discharge nimh like Eneloops and the Duracell low discharge cells. They work great in my Vista HCx, lasting for many days of geocaching and bike rides. They don't lose their charge in between weekend adventures either. I charge with the popular LaCrosse BC-9009 charger and its replacement power adapter (recent recall) . Couldn't be happier!
  11. How accurate do you want it to be?!? Average MPH = Total distance / total time. Let's assume that its clock works to a fairly high degree of accuracy, then only the total distance element could possibly be "wrong". Given that it is GPS, provided it has got a decent signal it will be significantly more accurate than any device attached to the wheel of the bike (tyre pressure, heat etc will all affect the distance rolled by the wheel). Or am I being dense? Matt There are several ways to do average speed. How about averaged moving speed as the original poster said? If you ride a road bike, you want the averaged speed while you were moving. If you stop and rest, then speed between each stopping point, your average "speed" will be quite higher than if you just average the whole distance over total time. Even more in depth, how about the differences between median, mode, and mean averaging? All that being said, I find the averaged moving speed reported on my Garmin ETrex Vista HCx to be within a few tenths of a mph of my or other riders typical bike computer with magnetic wheel pickup. However, looking at the same track in Mapsource will often show 1 mph or slightly more difference.
  12. Check out this link "This is a "free" service for you although SMS texting fees may apply based on your cell phone subscription. It is also a service that is supported by TextMarks' own advertisments. We don't have any control over the ads presented to you so don't complain about them." Can anyone who has done this comment on the frequency of the ads? If you pay for SMS individually, you may not want to do this.
  13. How about this? http://www.gpscity.com/garmin-etrex-bike-mount.html I have purchased various mounts from GPSCity and have been very pleased with the selection, etc. You can get extra clips for the HCx series, etc. Look around the website for anything you want.
  14. I just went to that energizer usb website mentioned above and it put a cookie/file on my computer!
  15. You still haven't told us if these caches you are downloading are near you. Are they near you, like a few miles away? If they are, then they should show up by doing what you are doing.
  16. Check this out and see if your errors correspond to poor visibility times. You can scroll the chart backwards and forward by a day at a time to see what was or will be the constellation. http://www.navcomtech.com/Support/Tools/sa...dictor/main.cfm
  17. Actually, I wondered about that one. Other than that is what we were told to do, why? Thanks for sharing the tips - I've installed it a few times, never got it perfect. For those with a recessed LCD, I never get all the corners perfect. It's worse installing it on products that are not waterproof. So it's under warranty if you goof up. At least that's what I am assuming. Zagg is really good with their warranty. Zagg says it is not responsible for installation goofs. "Installation errors are not covered by the replacement guarantee. This includes bubbles under the invisibleSHIELD film, as well as incorrect alignment of the shield on your device."
  18. It's explained in the manual, page 11. GermanSailor Not really. I own the Vista HCX and there is no way to make a waypoint "from scratch". As Nordicman says, you need to mark your current location and then change the lat/long to what you really want to save. The manual says you can create a waypoint three ways; press enter at a location, create a waypoint on a map page, or enter coordinates for a waypoint manually. They don't list the third method and instead tell you how to do an edit of the first method's data.
  19. Good synopsis. Apparently the extra 0.2V may be enough to cause meltdown if the MOSFET fails. I think I'll minimize my charging until I get the new charger unit.
  20. No load would be good. I'm curious if some are really high since 3.19-3.2V doesn't seem too bad to me. There have been multiple reports recently of charger melt downs during the charge process and I wonder if this recall addresses that problem.
  21. How about a voltage reading on those units that don't have the mark?
  22. I didn't post the link here since I'm not sure they wanted it general public knowledge. Amazon has sent out emails to those involved that purchased from them. Fraud and abuse could be an issue if the link is freely posted.
  23. Where is the Roman Number located? I looked at my adapter and didnt see anything. on the wall side of the adapter at the lower right hand side of the label. It is a IV enclosed in a circle.
  24. I know many of us use this charger. Amazon has sent out this notice: (edited for length) We have recently learned that La Crosse Technology, Inc. is voluntarily replacing the AC adapters used with La Crosse Technology BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Chargers sold between October 1, 2009 and January 15, 2010. AC Adapter Replacement for BC-9009 AlphaPower Battery Charger La Crosse Technolology recently switched to a new AC adapter that meets California Energy Commission (CEC) requirements. La Crosse Technology has discovered that this new AC adapter has an increased voltage output; therefore we are replacing the AC adapter free of charge. The AC adapter that needs replacement can be identified by the Roman number IV on the adapter. I measured my charger output and get about 3.19V. Does anyone have any significant different value to report?
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