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EarthCache Masters Geocoin Series


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EarthCache.org is pleased to announce the release of the EarthCache Masters geocoin series. There are four coins, one for each existing level. Each coin has the EarthCache Masters logo on the front with an Earth science cartoon on the back. They are trackable through www.geocaching.com and have their own icon.


All four coins are available individually for US9.99 (+ SH) through the www.earthcache.org store. Shipping and handling is just US$5 for any number of items to anywhere in the world!


A boxed set of coins will go on sale in October for $59.99.


The numbers of these coins are limited.


We would like to thank the Landsharkz team for helping us with this series!

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YEAH!!! EarthCache Masters and Geocoins....you guys sure know how to get my attention!


Our pins really mean alot to us, we collected them one by one over a period of time. As we earned each level, we kept the note from Geoaware congratulating us on our achievment. Once we reached P;atinum, I mounted the set in a picture frame and proudly displayed it on our wall.

Now I'm thinking about incorporating each level coin into the pin set. When I do I'll post a pic.

Thanks Geoaware!

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These coins are awesome!!! PaRacers I really would like to see a picture of your coin/pin display when it is complete as I may do something similar. I also have the other EarthCache geocoin and it is an incredible coin as well. My boyfriend, who is not really into geocoins, was really impressed with it. :)

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