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The installation of a new map makes a 'key' in your registry

also, when deleting the 'key' should be deleted.

If one or both goes wrong mapsource, while starting up finds the wrong data in the registry and gives the error you have.


You can go to


and delete the key from the NEW installed map, supposed you did NOTHING else related to mapsource, like updating, deleting mapsource maps.


> Be sure to know what you are doing here<


Deinstalling/reinstalling mapsource will not solve the issue, because the error in the registry remains.


You can also try mapsettoolkit to solve problems.


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hey guys, i just downloaded a free map and it made it so i cannot access my mapscource to see my map. it says that there is a problem with my registration and something about my trigger?

any advice?



And please list the map you loaded to give a heads up to others! This alone is the biggest concern I would have with those freee maps.

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I have to say the silence from the Garmin crowd is deafening. Without specifics about the trigger, a Google is coming up some very interestng and very unrelated choices. Can you post some more details?

That would be because the only maps that go through the registration process are locked Garmin maps and some other purchased map sets. Edited by coggins
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Mapsettoolkit as explained above to fix the problem....


Basically there was an error in the way cgpsmapper used to make the TDB files and one of the newer Mapsource releases drops an error during the startup. Any maps made with the older cgpsmapper cause this error.....


Please point us to the map in question so that the author can be notified of the small change needed to fix the problem.

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