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  1. Leaving it stationary, under open sky, will speed satellite lock.
  2. When I tested it for battery life, using a one second interval, it ran for 18 hours. This was a stationary test though.
  3. Would love to hear if you get an answer. Seems like a good way to sell renewals if you ask me, so I'm not sure why they wouldn't do it.
  4. Rich, I respectfully disagree..... and you can physically prove your statement is incorrect for yourself by traveling an accurately measured path using different logging intervals. Perfectly straight paths don't seem to exist in the real world. Yes, trackpoint interval set to 1/sec will produce the most accurate "path traveled" curvature or shape wise, but the length of the track, or distance traveled, will always be longer than "actual distance traveled". Accuracy better for shape yes, but not for distance. When logging interval is set to 1/sec, absolutely every bit of GPS error is added to length which results in "over distance" being reported. Most points possible being logged results in largest error. Arguably,"auto" method, and interval of "most often" produces the "most accurate overall results". (Best compromise) That may be, but once per second works well for me, and seems to give the best elevation gain accuracy too, as it forces an elevation reading every second as well.
  5. Set the tracklog to record a point once per second for the greatest accuracy.
  6. As long as it has a high-sensitivity GPS chipset (and most released in the last few years do), you should be fine.
  7. Glad to help. The Dazzle widget used to allow you to disable the cellular radio. Not sure if it still does though. Hard to tell from their Google Play page.
  8. Have you tried disabling the cellular radio on your Nexus on hikes? In my experience, it's the biggest source of battery drain in areas with poor cellular coverage, because it's continually looking for towers.
  9. As other folks have alluded, you can convert shapefiles to tracks and waypoints.
  10. Keep the Montana out, with as clear of a view of the sky as possible. And remember, there are good satellite days and bad satellites days. The satellite constellation position is constantly changing.
  11. GPX is a common format used on almost all GPS receivers. You can use Dropbox for KML files too. AFAIK you can't currently access them using a GPS with WiFi.
  12. I use Dropbox to keep all my GPX files available from either of my computers, and as a way to back them up.
  13. Or set the map to show the compass or geocaching dashboard.
  14. Don't waste money on a t model. There are some great free topo maps available from http://gpsfiledepot.com. I'd go with the eTrex 30 or GPSMAP 62s.
  15. Rich, Have you or anyone been able to verify that MyTrack's smallest setting is indeed a 1 second interval? I just re-read your review on the Garmin GLO and you said it can provide position updates 10 times each second (10hz). Are there any iOS/Android/Windows(PC) apps that can fully record all of that data even on a 1 second interval? Will any of the iOS/Android/Windows(PC) apps be able to work in the background or log the data into a GPX file while the screen is off? MyTracks should work fine with the screen off. I have not tested for 1 second tracking, but it should be easy to verify by trying it and looking at the .gpx file. I didn't write the Garmin GLO review. Boyd Ostroff did, so you may want to ask in the comments section there. Hope this helps.
  16. I used to use RAM mounts al the time, but I'm not a fan of their high profile.
  17. I like Garmin's mount, although the eTrex line is harder to slide on due to the plastic (not metal) rail on the back.
  18. I'm usually biking in mountainous terrain on curving roads and trails, which may be why mine rotates more!
  19. North up. A constantly rotating map annoys the heck out of me!
  20. I would check to be sure you have the latest firmware, backup all your data and do a hard reset. Then try again using this suggestion...
  21. Leave it sitting under open sky, motionless, for half an hour. Do not power down as soon as it locks -- give it awhile to download the latest satellite almanac data.
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