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  1. For trackables in fieldnote, I just type in the field note Took or Left Serial #., then when logging cache I select the trackable then remove Serial # from note.
  2. I think that feature is already there, unless they have removed it. If you create a new search excluding finds, any field notes already upload with finds are excluded too. Probably need a new search once in a while to update the list.
  3. USB is pretty robust in the power management. The controller shuts down the port if it uses too much power or grounds out, and it doesn't need to shut off the computer to do this. If the port was going to fail, it could of fail on any device. I have my Oregon 400T plugged in and it's allocated at 500 mA, but a device that normally runs on 2 AAs isn't using 500 mA@ 3.30 volts. I would be more worried about the computer wiping out my devices (iphone, ipod, ipads, gps, etc) than the device wiping out the USB port. If your computer can't supply the power to the USB port, maybe this could be a power supply issue of not receiving enough power from the power supply. A aging power supply looses available watts over the years, and a failing power supply will shutdown a computer if the draw is more than it can handle.
  4. Has it been awhile since the last firmware/software update? Also there is a master reset that resets the unit if your having issues with sensitivity and almanacs. Here is the instructions for master reset. If the GPS is not responding correctly, for example it is not receiving a satellite signal, it may be necessary to perform a master reset. This can also be used if you want to restore the factory default settings. To reset the device, please follow the below steps. Please be aware that a master reset will erase all waypoints, routes, tracks, and will restore your device to the default factory settings. Turn off the device Press Page, Enter and Power simultaneously Select Yes when the message appears Do you really want to erase all user data? The device will now reboot. Please leave it outside with a clear view of the sky for at least 30 minutes to acquire the satellite almanac.
  5. Confirmed. Version 3.5 fixes the long Cache name problems. They also have the wrong update date on it too.
  6. You might have a com port conflict. Try changing the COM port #.
  7. Just reserved the Motel 6 in Centralia for $41.99 a night for 2 nights. ( Not counting the 9.9% Taxes).
  8. If you use GSAK, you can change the exported gpx properties for Cache Desciption and Cache Name to (%smart=20), then the caches display properly without shutting the unit off.
  9. The pocket pc version won't work with blackjack 2 since it doesn't have a touchscreen. The Samsung Epix should work, or any other touch screen pocket pc phone.
  10. The registration for cachemate is base on the name that is entered in the Owner Information page in settings. The name entered is translated into a code that you give to smitty when you register your device. If you change your name in the owner information, the code will change and registration will no longer work. The code will be the same for pocket pc or smartphone, but the different platforms are require a different unlock code.
  11. You can use deskpdf. It's a printer driver. Anything you can print, you can convert to pdf. Just google ===> deskpdf
  12. Using the coords system of DD MM.MMM Each .001 is 8ft one direction and 6ft other direction. So accuracy is never going to be better than 8 ft. I actually seen a 60csx display 8 ft accuracy on the screen before. Most companies that sell gps say 1 meter accuracy or about 9ft.
  13. Gsak has a macro that will strip all the html out of of a description of a cache. The macro is called StripHTML http://gsak.net/board/index.php?showtopic=...ost&p=86301
  14. Yahoo groups usually keeps my older magellans up to date. Here is the one for sportrak http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sportrakgps/ You might need a WAAS update for the firmware. It might be there.
  15. Just curious why you want to convert old gs cache data. Geocache manager is just a one way send to the gps. The gps never edited the data in the .gs file, and geocache manger doesn't receive data from the gps. The program always needed a source .gpx or .loc to begin with. 1. You will need a explorist connected to a XP computer to convert .geo to .gs file. 2. Then use gps babel to convert to gpx. How many waypoints do you need to convert?
  16. I had a problem one time with two Colorado 400T's. I loaded the same gpx file on both unit's SD cards. One unit had less caches than the other one. Swapped cards between units and the problem switched units. Re-formatted the SD card that had the problem and tried again. Problem solved.
  17. I started out with using the Axim with cachemate. I found out it's really lots of work to carry the pda, carry a phone, plus using the gps. I upgraded to using a Samsung Blackjack 2 then to the Samsung jack, cachemate for smartphone, GCzII software, with the built-in gps which both cachemate and GCzII software use. Also, google maps works great too with both programs. There is still probably free blackjack 2 phones with a activation account.
  18. Actually the 60csx basemap does contain some routing for interstates and highways, just not any streets & road information. So it will point you to the closest highway and route to the nearest highway or interstate.
  19. Just curious if they can add the found status by using a red checkmark next to the cache names listed on bookmarks. I use bookmarks for selecting caches to go find for the next hunt. After the hunt, I removed the ones I have found, then add other caches to find for the next hunt. This might come in handy for bookmarks for cache challenges as well.
  20. Parking for Stop 35 Pigeon barn -- Is at the Church parking lot. N 46 16.022 W 119 13.838 Old Country Buffet is at N 46 13.429 W 119 13.570, One block North of Stop 108.
  21. Install the cab file on the storage card. Unzip the zip file and move the exe file to Storage Card\Program Files\GCzII. Then say YES to overwrite.
  22. Just use MapsetToolkit to remove the map that you just installed. Select the mapset and click on uninstall.
  23. I use a Samsung Jack, upgraded from blackjack 2. I can use Google maps, Cachemate, GCzII for caching, as well as I have other gps's I can use too. Your going need to get the data plan if you really want to enjoy using the phone only for caching as your main gps. The GCzII application turns it into a iphone equals to the geocaching app by Groundspeak. GCzII uses static maps that can be downloaded with WIFI before leaving the house, if you don't want to use the data plan. But the problem is if your forget to download a map, sattillite picture, up to date cache details, and spolier pictures you have to find a WIFI source everytime you need some missing information. The amount of gas you spend looking for WIFI source, you might as well get the data plan in the long run.
  24. Dinner price is going to be pricey at $ 11.00+ per person. We might able to get a tour group price or group sales price, just by looking inquiring at the Old Country Buffet website.
  25. I noticed Motel 6 had $43.99 on their sign at the mall exit.
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