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Found my next cache to hide


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So in lowe's the other day I found a big flower pot that looks like tree bark. It is resin, but it looks just like tree bark. I figure I can hide a cache container under it in the woods and it will blend right in.


Now, I know I am not being as creative as I could be. Lot of folks out there hallowing out logs and such, but the reason this one seems so perfect to me is, it is resin. It won't rot. It will last a long time.


I want to put this one right out in clear view some where in the woods. See how tricky it is.


Here is the pic I snapped. It looks so good I think...


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I'm assuming this pot has a drainage hole in the bottom?


If not, placing it on the ground could trap moisture...so please make sure you're still using a suitable waterproof container for your cache so people don't find a soggy mess when they lift the pot.


BTW...if the price is right this sounds like a cool idea! :(

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