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Ammo Cans, with shipping via UPS


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Cache Containers


Have 500 cans, will ship any where is USA, email me your shipping zip code and number of cans you need.


Measurements: 11 1/2" long, 6" wide, 7" high


This is .50 Cal. Ammo Cans in excellent condition,


Clamp down lid with rubber gasket for air tight and water tight seal


Measurements: 11 1/2" long, 6" wide, 7" high


All steel construction, olive drab color


Great for geocaching, ammo storage, tool box, hunting gear, etc.


price $7.00 each

payments: Credit Cards over the phone (253) 227-8787

I have a UPS account, so shipping is cheap.

email: YUL200@hotmail.com



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I am sure you are an honest person trying to sell something at a reasonable price. Most geocachers will check your profile and see that you have no finds or hides. They will think you are just a sock puppet just becoming a member to sell amno cans. Also they will be leary of giving you their credit card number over the phone. Until you establish yourself as a geocachers you may not do well. There are a lot of geocachers in the Puget Sound area that might drop by and pick up some cans and pay cash for them. Also you might be able to go to some of the gun shows and sell some. A 50 Caliber can isn't going to sell as well as say a 30 cal. can. I wish you the best of luck. Dick, W7WT

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Same phone # also. They should take paypal payment then.


And this would seem to indicate that this user is operating a business rather than merely selling personal items which is likely a violation of the forum rules.






It also seems like a very high price, especially considering you need to add shipping onto that. I think I have 3 Army & Navy Surplus stores withint an hour of driving here and basically at the most expensive one the 50 cal ammos are $6.99. At the cheapest, $5.69. 20 cals go for $3.99.


I personaly would be leary of this as stated by other cachers.

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