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  1. Holy cow, that sounds AWESOME!!!!! Seconded, all in favor, please say "aye."
  2. Will this FTF czar be a member of the Republican, Democrat, or third party (Green, Reform, etc.)?
  3. Will this FTF czar be a member of the Republican, Democrat, or third party (Green, Reform, etc.)?
  4. Will this FTF czar be a member of the Republican, Democrat, or third party (Green, Reform, etc.)?
  5. I know what you're talking about, and I hate it! We had a cache in our area that was apparently destroyed by an ice storm, but know one knows since the owner never responded to anything. Several local geocachers finally managed to get the local reviewer to archive it.
  6. When you do start looking for micros, know all the different types and what they look like. (e.g. nanos, rock caches)
  7. I was recently thinking about geocaching language and using abbreviations such as TFTC, and BYOP. So I was wondering, shouldn't there be some trackable logging abbreviations like TFTB (thanks for the tb), or TFTG (thanks for the geocoin). Just an idea of mine that I'm throwing out there. I'll be happy to hear your thoughts.
  8. You have a point. The main reason is, (hate to be negative here) I've done my best to try out those different options before posting. btw, did you see my response where I asked for a specific link to the digital camera's? Anyways, thanks for the comment, and trying to keep me positive.
  9. I'm kinda assuming that SanJon-Hutch is down I-35 from okc. If it is, and excellent earthcache to do is arbuckle anticline. If you decide that you want to take some time, there is an excellent frontage near I 35 between exit 55 and 51 with inbetween 10-15 caches.
  10. I am glad we can agree on one thing and I'll never use the photo word in one of these threads! Now to the fun! Point one: While I agree the permission subject is off thread, I didn't bring it up. The permission "deal " is something I only responded to. The p____ subject is well worn so someone introduced a more meaningful topic and I reacted to it! You must have also found it interesting because you also reacted to the topic deviation! I'm glad that there is at least three of us interested. Point two: Do you really think as a taxpayer I need do get permission from a Park I helped pay for and help maintain and am allowed to go in the first place? Any earthcacher worth his/her salt has an environmental conscience. Will permission to develop an EarthCache prevent all of those nasty things to the environment that you are worried about? I see this almost everyday in geocaching. It's called bush whacking ! Like you said, "people get bored and wonder off trails." Permission will prevent this? You got to be kidding! Again, you don't "place" an Earthcache. You point out something to see that is already available but not called an EarthCache. The fact there is a trail doesn't do one thing to prevent short cuts! For some goofy reason or another a GPSr doesn't stay on the trail! I have never been in a National Park where you were allowed to wonder into off-limits territory. Every spot/area is clearly marked with maps, signs, etc. Point two: Maybe when you are a little more experienced you will discover that life has a lot of "big deals "! People sell out their principles every day without questioning WHY I grew up during the Viet Nam era and we helped to reteach America to ask WHY No I don't mind asking permission and I don't mind paying for your and my fun in a park, but after seeing several wars and a lot of stupid things come from governments, I have the right to ask WHY ! Deal or no big deal! Last point: strip mines, road cuts and private property have nothing to do with the argument. We are talking about National Parks! One more time, my local congressman said and I repeat, "let me know if you are ever denied permission for something you don't need permission for!" I suggest you ask yours! In my local national park (Chickisaw National Recreation Area), wondering off the trail is a big deal! the same people who litter wonder off the trail, and litter there too! It's not about bushwacking (which is quite fun in my opinion) but about protecting the wildlife and ecosystem from litter.
  11. OOOOh I'd love to, but we just don't have the time (or come often enough for that matter) when we come up to the city anymore. As for going to an event, I believe there is one going to be held in Moore in about a week.
  12. don't know how far south you plan to come, but if you get down to about exits 47-55 (on I 35) there's some good caching to be had in the area.
  13. No. My phone requires a special kind of microsd card that costs about $40.
  14. Well I do have a phone, buuut, a problem that is not cheap is we didn't get texting with our plan, sooo, to do it your way isn't to bad, buuut, it's just reaeaeallllly expensive ( 20 cents per text). Depending on the phone, most phones these days, even ones that are a few years old, can be hooked up to a computer. And they usually come with the cable to do so. So you can also just hook the camera up, pull the picture file off the camera, and go from there. The guideline change for ALR's didn't apply to Earthcaches. That was one of the things originally brought up when the change occurred and they made that one clear. Personally, if someone e-mails me and told me they had a problem getting a photo, but they've provided in the other requisite information, I'll allow the log. I do not agree with the supposed threatening of archiving EC over a photo requirement, if that was actually done like it seems someone said. With the pluthra of digital cameras in consumers hands these days, especially with the advent of camera phones, taking a photo shouldn't be such an issue. Now granted, CO's need to be considerate of the fact that not everyone has a digital camera on hand, in any form, and deletion of a log over that without finding out why a photo wasn't posted is a bit extreme. I've seen some cases where the photos are a week late because the cacher forgot about it or hadn't gone through the photos yet. That's my two cents. Well, I tried that, but it didn't exactly work. It's a very modern phone (it came out in '09) and requires a lot of other things besides plugging it in to get it to download pictures.
  15. I'm up for adopting any in central oklahoma area, preferably in the I-35 corridor, but probably could make things work for just about anywhere in the area.
  16. Of late, I have been trying to do my first ec, and I need a little help. The first one I tried to publish, I got a reply from the local National Park saying "you need to send us a copy of the listing before you publish you submit it for publishing," now I'm trying to figure that one out, plus I really need to get a couple good ec spots. The area is the arbuckle mountains of southern oklahoma. If you guys out there in the forums could give me a couple ideas as to questions that might possibly fit the area, please, let me know. While I'm at it, could anybody give some general information pertaining to ecs, that would help me in my attempt to get my first ec published.
  17. Cav scout, I understand your feelings exactly. I hope every ec owner has a fair chance at realizing that their ec could be archived if they don't take off the photo requirment list. As for getting permission for an ec in a national park, a carelessly placed earthcache is the equivelant of littering. Part of the job of the Park service is to preserve it for our posterity. Getting permission from the park service is just the easiest way of monitering caches, and therefore preserving the park.
  18. Great idea!!! I think I'll try it! Keep the ideas comin'!!!
  19. Well I do have a phone, buuut, a problem that is not cheap is we didn't get texting with our plan, sooo, to do it your way isn't to bad, buuut, it's just reaeaeallllly expensive ( 20 cents per text). 20 cents is a small price to pay to log a earthcache. Do most computers have a bluetooth capability? If so, I could do it that way.
  20. Could you give me a specific link? My parents use a really inefficient computer filter (I guess that's good, if you want to know how really bad and inefficient it is, contact my friend: PorscheSpyder), so surfing isn't real easy for me, knowing a specific link helps a lot.
  21. I like the idea of taking a school photography class. However, I homeschool, so, I'd really love to take a course, but it just doesn't work that way. And oh, I forgot to mention I live out in the stick (and caches, there are several really active cachers in the area), so the local high school doesn't offer a course. Btw, I want to say thanks to everyone for there suggestions, keep em' comin.
  22. Well I do have a phone, buuut, a problem that is not cheap is we didn't get texting with our plan, sooo, to do it your way isn't to bad, buuut, it's just reaeaeallllly expensive ( 20 cents per text).
  23. IMO that is not the intent of the program. I hope you don't give up as I hope that does not represent the attitude of the typical EC owner. I don't plan on giving up any time soon! An even bigger problem for me is that there are only 3 ecs withing driving distance of me! (rats) I go after one any time I get the chance!
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