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  1. It's worth noting that they are not "Groundspeak's geocaches". Groundspeak just provides a listing service that geocache owners can use to publicize their geocaches. There are other listing services, and some caches are listed with more than one listing service. Great. I was affraid they might be considered as intruders and unwelcome. Now I will not hesitate to mix different brands of trackables with different brands of caches Thanks. I took a look at that website. I wonder if anyone in the US is using those?
  2. You could bookmark those cache's from that map then run a pocket query for the bookmark. Of course you would have to be a premium member.
  3. The only way I change the of a cache is if when I find it it is sitting in the open and all the sticks that I assume were covering it up are laying along side it. Otherwise I try to put it back exactly like I found it. I've found them sitting in the open with no sticks are them and figured that was the way the owner wanted it and left it that way.
  4. I post a DNF for anything I go out and look for. With that being said I don't like the whole middle of a big crowd trying to look and not be seen or looking suspious. If I get to the parking area and the direction the GPS'r is pointing has people around it. I don't even get out of the vehicle to look I just move on to the next cache. In that case I don't post a DNF. If I don't look then out can I not find. If they come up with a DNL log then I would be happy to use it.
  5. I have a palm M505 I got of E-bay for $17. Works wonderful I think.
  6. Gives me and my son some good quality time together. Also I like the discovery of new areas. Now if only I could find a fellow adult cacher maybe I could do some of the night caches.
  7. Wasn't there a thing on nightline a while ago about people at photo labs couldn't turn that kind of stuff over because of privacy? I remember seeing it somewhere and they showed pics of kids sitting in piles of drugs and stuff like that, but there was nothing they could do about it. I would have probably posted a note on the cache page or if someone had found it just before me maybe send them a e-mail.
  8. I don't see what since it makes to archive a virtual because it appears they still log the find.
  9. If a cache was a 6 stage multi and you were only able to find 4 before it got so dark you couldn't see your hand in front of your face and you plan on going back to finish in a few days would you still log DNF?
  10. Just guessing! Did you delete them from the hosting site?
  11. Currently I am not creating my POI's with anything. I have no idea how to do it. Yes I am blonde!!! Off to GSAK I guess and see if I get anywhere.
  12. Can someone tell me or direct me to a walkthrough on how to load cache's as POI's into my TomTom One?
  13. OOOOooooOOOooo I'd like some of that action! Only I don't need money for something as impractical as a Vette. I just need a few houndred-thou to pay for my NEW house and pay off my old cars. Oh and to pay for the old house that I can't seem to give away even though I put 30K+ into improving it. Seriously though. I'll trade my sig smashed coins (12 different designes) for pathtags at ANY opportunity so shoot me an email if you want to trade. Where did you get these from?
  14. If I use labels it's only on a large log book, also one that is dry. Not to say that it never get's wet. I also put my chicken scratch in there about my adventure. That is personal for every cache no way to make a label for that.
  15. This is a little off topic but since the mention of pathtags came up I was wondering. I do not have a pathtag of my own, but if I find one in a cache is it okay to trade swag for a pathtag or should it only be pathtag for pathtag?
  16. How do you edit co-ordinates on your PDA?
  17. Can anyone tell me how to load the PQ's into a Tom Tom One?
  18. The women! Haven't found any yet but I know they are out there!! I happen to know that all the good ones are taken now that Mrs. Captain Picard is off the market. Unless Miss Jenn is still single. Not all of them.
  19. Hey, I collect those...there are so many varieties, and they have all those cool codes printed on them...If you know how to read them, you can tell when and where the sugar was packeted, and on some brands, even where the cane was from(by plantation) Let me know where you cache and if I'm ever in the area I'll drop it in one for you.
  20. Just curious as to why you would put a toy car in a cache that is not suppose to be kid friendly. Also what happens when it gets taken now your out everything. My son always feels the need to trade something. One time he took garbage out of the cache and left something nice. To him it was garbage (a empty sugar packet) to someone else it may have been worth more that what he left.
  21. Having a log sheet might help if the organized received any donations. They can show that X amount of people attended. Also helps to have records if they are planning on doing it again.
  22. I just bought a Vista. Took a long time to decide between the Vista and the Legend. If I could have got that deal it would have made it a lot easier. Hope you enjoy the Legend as much as I am my new Vista. Difference as night and day from my old GPS which was one of the original yellow e-trex.
  23. Where do you order them from?
  24. Try putting paperless caching in your search. You might get the results your looking for there. I use a PDA, but not the one you have and not for the same purpose.
  25. I never personally trade anything. My son on the other had always feels the need to trade something. We never find anything of any value in a cache. The other day he traded a squirt gun for an empty sugar packet. He felt good cause he traded something. I felt good because we took the trash out of the cache.
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