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Solvable from cache page...

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Yes, so long as the finder can figure out what book or movie to consult, based on information found on the cache page. That can range from as simple an instruction as "Go to the Library and borrow Attack of the Killer Hamsters" to a puzzle where one needs to figure out a book's Dewey Decimal system call number.


Using the library is a good idea. If you ask finders to go to the Theatre to watch a movie that's premiering this weekend, you run into problems under the Commercial Caches guideline (and possibly also the Cache Permanence guideline).

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I'm wondering if a puzzle cache is allowed that would have the seeker use information from a book or movie. The book or movie would be available to borrow at the library. Is this considered solvable from the cache page?


Yes, but I would stick with classics in either books or movies. I would also try to stay away from movies/books that have a lot of political baggage.

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There are quite a few of these in my area. At some point I got tired to watching dvds of kids movies in minute detail, but I am told that there is one not too far away that is based on a film that I always enjoying seeing. Then there was one that used Song of the South. Try to find that one. I heard it might be available under the table at a particular store.

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