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  1. My travel bug TB4BCE was last seen in GC29GF7 way up north in Canada. If you are in this area can you check it for my bug? The cache was archived since the owner didn't respond but it could still be there. Thanks for any help.
  2. My travel bug TB4BCE was last seen in GC29GF7. If you are in this area can you check it for my bug? The cache was archived since the owner didn't respond but it could still be there. Thanks for any help.
  3. Over the top, click in the little arrows close to "Last Log". Click twice to change. But is that Last Log mean Last Log on the bug page or Last Log in the cache in question?
  4. When looking at a cache you can click "view past trackables" to determine what hitchhikers have been there. Is there any way to sort this list so it would list the bugs in chronological order of their visit to the cache?
  5. Thanks, these have been great so far. The park bench Wiki like one is excellent!
  6. I've found topics about cool cache containers and cool cache locations interesting. What about cache pages? What are some of the best looking cache pages you've seen? In other words best use of HTML and such.
  7. When I fixed a cache I would go to the Attributes menu on the upper right and clear the "Needs Maintenance" attribute. I don't see it anymore. Did something change in a recent site update?
  8. This forum is a place for people who want to and pair up and exchange information to find The Shires Foreign Exchange Caches in Wisconsin, USA and New Zealand. The caches are GC4ZZ1Z and GC4Z9A4. If you would like to find one of these and need to find a partner you can make a request here. This forum is only to help people team up with other cachers, you should not post any location information here. Thank you.
  9. This forum is a place for people who want to find or place a cache in a place named "Brookfield" to pair up and exchange information. So far the exchange has two caches, GC48EKJ and GC4Y12Q. If you would like to find one of these and need to find a partner you can make a request here. Also if you would like to hide a cache in a Brookfield near you please contact me or post here and we can work together to get your Brookfield hide in the exchange program. This forum is only to help people team up with other cachers, you should not post any location information here. Thank you.
  10. I tried making a encrytped Vignere cypher with the coin and it is not working out. I went to a Vignere Cipher site and put my keyword, my phrase, and encoded. Then I put my encoded phrase in MS Word. I had downloaded the LizardToadz Font. So I highlighted my encoded word and then chose the LizardToadz Font. However when I go to decode with the coin it is not correct. Any idea what is going wrong?
  11. Someone named travlerhuntter has discovered over 1300 travel bugs in three days. I noticed because one of them is one of mine that has been missing for years! How is that possible? Obviously they didn't actually discover them, but how would they get all those TB numbers?
  12. Thank you Don J. for the Firefox Write Area tip. That is a great tool!
  13. I made a page using the new submission page but did not enable. Now I want to go back and add the text, but when I hit edit I see the old style page submission. Can I toggle to the new style that has the HTML editor?
  14. I wouldn't take it, some people list their caches on more than one site. It might still be active on another listing service.
  15. I loved reading the logs of Oregone. When I went back to look for them I found many to be deleted. I knew I should have cut and pasted them into a word processor to keep them for future reading. Did anyone out there happen to do this and have an archive of them? If someone wants to share please post here!
  16. I'm wondering if a puzzle cache is allowed that would have the seeker use information from a book or movie. The book or movie would be available to borrow at the library. Is this considered solvable from the cache page?
  17. While searching for Cache at Snoqualmie Falls (GC11QX7) I found a pair of sunglasses near ground zero. Anyone missing a pair? I took them with me in case the owner wants to claim them.
  18. Thanks to everyone who replied with suggestions! I had a great time in Washington and found several of the Twin Peaks themed caches. I also had cherry pie and a "Dam fine cup of coffee" at Twede's in North Bend. The trip wouldn't have been complete without a drive down to Portland to find the plauque marking the spot of the first Geocache hide. That was cool! Thanks again for the helpful suggestions.
  19. I will be visiting Washington this June and am interested in caches that have to do with the old television show Twin Peaks. This would include both TP themed caches and caches located in areas the show was filmed. Thanks for any assistance, I would appreciate it.
  20. I saw this documentary on my PBS station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this week. Nicely done, hadn't considered the OCD angle before.
  21. I called my first Garmin "Gypsy". My wife saw GPS V in script on the unit, upon quick glance she thought it read "Gpsy". The name stuck.
  22. Non-Premiums Shouldn't Make You Feel Sad Like That I realize not everybody can make mid-six figures like my spouse. But just because you're not as fortunate as others, that doesn't give you the right to go around depressing paying cachers by trying to take the good trade items like travel bugs. That's my problem with regular geocachers: They spend all their time shuffling around with their tattered cache printouts and their cheap trade items, making you feel awful about having a premium membership and pocket queries. Well, I don't think they should make you feel sad like that. Of course the paying member gets first dibs on the bug! Whether you're stopped at the park entrance in your H3 SUV, shopping for a new pair of Komperdell trekking poles, or strolling through the park, the non-premium freeloaders always seem to show up with their filthy CITO plastic bags seeking caches and travel bugs intended for us paying members. How depressing! Of course, the non-paying should be afforded a certain minimal level of human dignity, but they shouldn't get to lord their poverty over people. If the non-premiums want to be treated better, they should understand that people like me want to be able to enjoy the view at the summit of a four star cache without having to look at some scabby CITO freak digging through the trash. If they must hang around caches, why not go to one star places like park and hides or shopping mall lots, where people more like them tend to associate? They shouldn't hang around the beautiful parks. Decent cachers want to enjoy their scenic hike without having to see a vagrant cacher taking up space on the trail. Nothing buzz kills the hunt faster. And why hike on trails, anyway? Can't the gutter pups at least put the effort into bushwhacking through the bramble where I won’t have to see them? How can I head out on the trail loop on a frosty morning to enjoy a cup of spiced chai tea and a warm shelter building when, along the way, I have to trip over a non-premium huddled for warmth over the embers of a campfire? It's especially galling in light of the fact that my spouse pays hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes to buy places for these homeless people to sleep, and they aren't even using them. Instead they're sleeping outside, wasting our dollars, and making me feel bad, to boot. Though the non-premium cacher should be allowed to go almost anywhere they want without harassment, they should at least have the decency to go where people aren't trying to enjoy themselves. Stay away from the challenging puzzle caches and clever multi’s. Do your loitering and paper printout caching outside places where people aren't having fun, like the DMV or Soup Kitchen. And, if I may make a request to any non-paying cacher reading this, please don't ask for decrypted PDA hints from premium members with children. Trying to explain your miserable plight to a child is one of the hardest things a parent can do. They're too young to understand what makes certain people fall through the cracks of society, and it's not fair of you to force parents' hands with your presence. The non-premium cacher needs to understand that other people have feelings, too, and that it's really pretty selfish of them to display their suffering out in the open like that. If they must be someplace where everyone can see them, can't they at least fake a smile? A smile is free, after all. Even non-premium cachers can afford that.
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