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Most Finds Without An FTF

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I've never understood the whole FTF craze. People running out in the middle of the night in their pajamas to try and be the first to write their name on a piece of paper. I guess the bug just never bit me. :(


Is it any different than grabbing a pack, walking stick, GPS, water, food, hiking shoes, swag, etc, just to hike out 5 miles down a trail....just to sign a little piece of paper?

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2700+ finds, 20 of which were FTFs. Five of those were middle of the night flashlight hunts. Whatthehell was I thinking. I am humored by the mob of anxious FTF hounds who claim they don't like caching "with a mob", so they are all there at the crack of dawn. If ya' don't like caching with a mob, try getting the new caches like, the next day, or the next week, or the next month...

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Over 300 finds, no FTFs, though I was 2TF on one in a regional park that involved hiking a couple of miles.


I've got a muggle husband, two tweens, and a stereotypically suburban slate of activities. I can't/won't spontaneously go caching every time a new one comes out - especially when a lot of the locals ARE of the "we got the e-mail, grabbed the GPS, and ran out the door!" variety. This I know because by now I'm friends with most of them. :(


There was ONE time I did stuff everyone in the car and go for a new cache, because it was one mile from our house in a region it takes some planning to get to - so I figured we had the jump on most folks. We pulled up to GZ, and there was the CO and the perceived FTFer, who are neighbors and happened to run into each other there. The putative FTFer opened the cache and unrolled the log... to find the signature of an out-of-towner who just happened to be driving through the area three hours ago when the cache went live. He'd written "Wow, FTF!"

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Okay, so who here holds the record for most career cache finds without an FTF. I'm at 64 so far.



Wimp. :D


I had 970+ finds before my friends basically forced a FTF upon me ("there's a new cache down that trail a quarter mile - go get it"). I've never sought them out, and after 5500+ finds, just logged my 32nd FTF. That's a 1:173 ratio. Oooh ahhh. :(

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640 and 1 FTF. It was a puzzle 3 people (including me) solved when it came out, and I found the next day. One of the other two is not in the area, and the other one was not feeling well.


I'm not usually among the first to solve either. That was one of the rare ones.


Considering I'm not really motivated enough to get that FTF, I suspect I may not get another one in a long while. But it was good to get that one FTF - it got the FTF bug out of my system. And I guess that if I had found more, I'd be more obsessed with FTFs :D


Edit : career cache finds? but I haven't turned pro yet :(

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157 and never a FTF. Hope it stays that way.


I've also stopped searching for micros. They were fun when I was new to the sport but now they're not.


Also, while I do own one, I don't care to search cemetary caches; not because I'm scared, just out of respect.


Isn't that the beauty of geocaching? We can all play the way we prefer to play! I know, I know, I'm way off topic. Look! Squirrel!........


I'm really glad to know that I'm not the only one proud to have never been FTF, thanks for the post!

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I grabbed my first FTF last Saturday with over 400 finds behind me. Here in this area there's a group who call themselves Piranhas who typically swarm newly published hides, so I was shocked that the log was empty when I showed up some 40 hours after it was published. I didn't even make any effort to get there quickly and found almost a dozen caches on my way there.


Being FTF just isn't so important to me that I'll interrupt what I'm doing to go log one, but I have to confess to feeling some satisfaction that I have at least one now and I'll go after future ones when the timing is convenient.



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Didn't get my first FTF until find #54. Since then, according to GSAK, I 've averaged getting a FTF every 13.5 days for a total of 108 FTFs in 2855 total finds.


My threshold is between 5 and 9 miles depending on the direction of a newly published cache. Anything within that distance I will become a FTF hound if I am available at the time.

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