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Maritime Mega 2010


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The countdown to the Maritime Mega has begun!


In 365 days, geocachers from around the world will gather in Dayspring, Nova Scotia to celebrate 10 years of geocaching in Canada.


The Maritime Mega Event (GC1P585) will be a one day event held at the Municipal Activity and Recreation Complex, just outside of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. The MARC offers a 100 Acres of open space, which includes fields, woods, ponds, brooks and trails. It is only a short distance from Canada’s First Geocache and hundreds of other geocaching opportunites.


This event promises to be a great time! There will be geocaching related educational opportunities, great food, swag vendors, entertainment and lots of socializing (a Maritime tradition!). It’s going to be one big Cachin’ Ceilidh!


To mark the start of the countdown, the official event website was launched this morning. Please check out http://maritimemega.ca

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We're going to be attending... on our way to Mega Scotland 2010 in Perth :) .


Air Canada has the option of a multi-city flight and so we're going Victoria to Halifax with a loooong layover :o and then Halifax to Scotland. Our return is Scotland to Victoria. It's the exact same number of points (Aeroplan) as going Victoria - Scotland return. I sure hope they don't change this great routing before next summer!

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The Maritime Mega Organizing Committee would like to hear from you if you plan to attend our Mega Event next year! No need to register on the site -- just fill out the form and tell us your email, caching nickname, and the number of people planning to attend under that name.


We need to hear from you to let Groundspeak know that this will truly be a Maritime MEGA!


Please visit our website at http://maritimemega.ca

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It has been a long time since this thread has been updated, and there is lots o' news!


Event Registration is now open!


Check out the Maritime Geobash website for information on how to build your reservation package for our event. You can make your package as basic or as lavish as you wish!


Items include:


Basic Registration (free)

Swag Bag

Event Geocoin (regular and attendee editions)

Event T-shirt

Pig Roast dinner with all the trimmings


If you wish to make a donation, you can add that too.

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There have been some upgrades to the event website. We now have a forum for you to share information, ask questions, or make plans with other attendees.


If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see in the classroom series, please use the forums to share them with us!



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Advance registration for the Maritime Geobash 2010 will close on May 29.


This is necessary to ensure we have the bags, tshirts and coins ordered and shipped in time for the event.


Gary Ramey will also need advance notice of how many mouths he is feeding.


Basic registration will continue until July 3rd if you want a nametag. And of course, you are welcome to register at the event itself and sign the logbook.


Hope to see you on July 10th!!!

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There are only 5 days left in the advance registration period! That means there are only 5 days left to guarantee that you can get your hands on the cool swag that will be available for this event! And it is the only chance to reserve your Pig Roast dinner!


But even if you don't want to buy any of the event swag, we still encourage you to register early. The free registation package will include a nametag for you and every member of your caching team, an event brochure, and maybe even some other freebies. But we have to know how many people are coming!


Let's make this event a mega!!

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On May 28th the server hosting the Maritime Geobash website suffered a meltdown. While all data is backed up and secure, and has taken longer than expected to replace the server and restore all websites (including ours).


As a result, the deadline for registration has been moved back to allow people a final chance to register for the event.



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I hear they served pork for dinner (that news travels fast) - and they did announce it exceeded 500


The pork dinner was SPECTACULAR!!


And yes, the unofficial count is currently at 522!!


We'll have the log sheets checked and emailed to Groundspeak soon.


Thanks to everyone who was able to make it out today. You guys are awesome!

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Thanks to everyone who came to to the event, to the dedicated volunteers and the sponsors. I haven't double checked the numbers but looks like 522 attendees with every province represented excepted Manitoba and a large group from Maine, many of whom just got back Geowoodstock. It was a pleasure to involved with

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well done murfster, I heard of 2 groups working on big events on opposite sides of the country on top of COG's so you have your work cut out for you in 2011



I think we were the 4th Mega in Canada


You are the 4th and I have been lucky enough to have been to them all. Not sure how long I'll be able to say that! :)

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well done murfster, I heard of 2 groups working on big events on opposite sides of the country on top of COG's so you have your work cut out for you in 2011



OH OH!! can only be one place at a time. COG is local for me.


What are the other area's to watch?



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OH OH!! can only be one place at a time. COG is local for me.

What are the other area's to watch?


Well one that is in the works can be found here. It's just a stub of a site right now and there's no firm dates that I know of.

I'll talk to one of the organizers and make sure they put updates over here.


Turns out I am one of the organizers (helping to plan and execute anyway) :laughing: so here's an update. You may have noticed another thread for "Best of the Bad" over Here but I thought I'd just let you know so I kept my word.


It's planned for July 16, 2011 - two weeks after GW IX and almost two weeks before Midwest Geobash. Plus more than a month after COG Spring Fling 7.

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