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  1. After logging a couple of caches tonight I received a Canada souvenir! Looks like attending an event this weekend isn't the only way to get a Canada-themed souvenir.
  2. Update: There's also one in Cold Lake, Alberta in July http://coord.info/GC5ZFA4
  3. Looks like one from this list was found today! The owner reports receiving a call as it was found and I've seen a photo on Facebook from another one of the finders, but it hasn't been logged yet! SK Extreme 1
  4. I find my 650 pretty tricky to close too, and doesn't close near as easy as that video of the Montana shows. You have to carefully align the bottom of the back cover then bring the top of the cover into place. You might need a couple of tries to slip the bottom properly into place. After that you'll be able to turn the locking mechanism
  5. Most of this year's resolutions are continuations of last year's: 1. Try to finish the Jasmer challenge. Hubby and I are hoping to travel to the western U.S. in September, and I hope to add stops to get the last 5 months I need. I managed to knock off 12 months last year. 2. Try to double my cache count - maybe even hit 10000. I've got plans for a caching trip to Nevada/So. Cal. in March with a few other cachers, and they're all hungering for some really high count days. Last year my summer geocaching was out the door because of house/yard renos. 3. Continue the cache streak I started on December 1st until I set a new personal record (prev. record was 192 days). I think it would be awesome to be able to make it to 1000 days, but I don't know how long into winter I can maintain my perseverance. 4. Enjoy traveling with my hubby, caching all the way, whether it be a day trip to drive around the countryside or on a 2-week adventure including driving the Rubicon Trail again!
  6. This sounds great - I might just have to steal this for my province! One that's unique to my province (as far as I've seen) is And all the rest have 31..., which is a challenge to find as many caches as the current date such that you complete 1 on the first, 5 on the 5th, etc. until you have completed 31 days of caching. The extra twist to this challenge is that you could only count days from months that have 31 days in them (Jan, Mar, May, July, Aug, Oct, and Dec), that none of the caches could be hidden in cities, and that they all had to be hidden in Saskatchewan. It took planning, perseverence, and driving to complete this. I was lucky in that a bunch of power trails were hidden within easy drives after I was a year into the challenge. Gotta love country driving!
  7. I've only come away injured from a couple of caches: Sprained my ankle going down some stairs after an event Seeing the x-rays a few years later I learned I actually avulsed my lateral malleolus! Had a run-in with a farm dog at what should have been a png. I had a tough time squatting for a few days after being very scratched up by that dog! I swear if it could have gotten me down it would have raped me! Here's my log, complete with pics of my legs: My dog log.
  8. What sort of price are you hoping for? Do you care if it provides you with the cache descriptions?
  9. I really like the idea of this type of search, and would like to see a similar set-up for notifications. If I could set up a location, choose the log types I want, and choose the cache types all in one notification it would be quite convenient. Currently you have to set up for each type of cache separately and it's a fairly time-consuming task.
  10. Thanks for that link. I'm okay with just text attributes, as long as there's a way to list them. Hoo boy... I see I got a lot to learn about it. But I'm having a hard time even figuring out the basics. Last time I tried to get it to upload some local caches, it left out a bunch and included a bunch more that were WAY out of the search parameters! Where do I go to even get started on the basics? I ran across a couple of tutorials posted in the Southern Nevada geocachers facebook group. Does this help: GSAK Tutorials.
  11. Say something like that and you just know some smart a** is going to come along and refute it... and here I am! Saskatchewan's first challenge cache was published Mar. 31/08 Numeric Conundrum . Two more challenges were published there on the same day as Tequila:81 proof. That said, I was pretty excited by the idea of this challenge when it first came out, and even more excited when one was published closer to home, and probably the most excited when I finished it and was FTF! Someday I hope to be able to log Tequila:81 proof, but need to find some older caches somewhere on my travels. There sure aren't a lot of older high difficulty/high terrain caches around these parts... ... and then almost a year later she returns to say she found even older ones in British Columbia, and the oldest of them is Vancouver Island Topo Challenge. Just in case somebody cares...
  12. I know of a 2-stage multi where the start and the finish are approx. 1500 km apart!
  13. Sounds like you had a good time! Congrats to Mastifflover for the win.
  14. I would think that the one you should be most likely to find would be the guardrail one... Another trick you can do is to look for caches that were found by other people in the last week (or since the last snow if you remember the date). If you have to dig for caches in the snow I'd recommend regular- or large-sized caches. I like to get down on my hands and knees and dig through the snow with my nicely gloved hands. Sometimes a stick for poking into deep snow helps too. You'll hear a nice hollow thunk, but sometimes I can be fooled because dead branches sound the same. Good luck with your winter caching! Stay warm!
  15. Here are my caching resolutions for this year: 1. Complete this challenge cache: And all the rest have 31... (hoping for March if the weather will cooperate). I have 28 days completed and have 3 left - and they all fall on weekend days in March. 2. Continue to pick away at finding a cache hidden every month since the inception of geocaching (Jasmer challenge). Hubby and I will be traveling in June and my planning has already begun! I currently need 17 more months, and figure I should be able to get at least 12 of these without too much difficulty. 3. Do more hiking by the river that goes through my city. It's so pretty! 4. Head out on a solo weekend caching/camping adventure. I did this 2 years in a row, then life kept me busy so I haven't done this for a few years now. It's a nice way to explore caches in the country! 5. Get my finds up to 4500 by year's end (which means finding about 1200 caches this year). 6. Make an effort to hook up with other cachers to go caching more frequently.
  16. In time things could improve too. When my hubby was my boyfriend he wasn't too keen on caching. In time he's matured and willing to be patient to wait for me while I hunt, or even help out at times. Mostly he'll drive with me (usually in the country) while I do the hunting. In the last few weeks we've done some canoe caching, and on vacation we'll take out his 4x4 and explore areas where I get to cache. Basically we've been able to combine things he enjoys with my caching, and it's a lot less stressful than it used to be. Sometimes he enjoys the competitiveness of the FTF hunt, and will help out with hunting for those. Lately he's been helping me keep my cache streak alive - often asking me two or three times a day if I found a cache yet, where I found it, etc. I think it's becoming part of 'us'!
  17. This weekend the oldest unfound cache in Saskatchewan was found, Legend III. It was originally placed June 10/02 and was found on Sept. 14/12! And it was the finder`s 8th cache find! Pretty exciting|
  18. 1. To have a caching streak that exceeds my non-caching streak. Check! 83 days and counting. 2. To stay in the top 20 Saskatchewan geocachers (maybe move up if possible). So far I'm hanging on. Was up to 17 at one point, but have been passed by a few maniacs cachers. 3. As of today, 2012 is now the year in which I have found the most caches. 652 finds so far this year. I wonder if I could do 1000?
  19. hurleyanne

    WestCan 3

    Just curious, at Island Spirit did they announce where next year's mega will be?
  20. One of my ex-boyfriends from high school started caching last year as part of a team with his wife. He's only come out to one event and I didn't have the nerve to talk to him (I wasn't completely sure it was him at the time). She seems nice enough, though!
  21. I heard that it would be given out on June 12.
  22. How much time are you planning for this trip? Canada is awfully big!
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