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Garmin Nuvi car models

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I got a 265wt for christmas this year and I think it's great. I doesn't have the lane assist, but it does sometimes tell you to keep right or left before you get to a tricky spot. The maps are great even in screwey Boston, and it's never told me to go the wrong way down a 1-way. It routes me around traffic too.


The traffic information is sometimes delayed, and the preloaded POIs are out of date as many restaurants listed closed years ago. The numbers are listed though, so you can call before you start driving


The only way it could be better is if it could access real time weather maps, news, traffic cams, internet through a bluetooth connected smartphone.

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The main feature that you want is Text-to-Speech (middle digit of model number 5 or higher.) The most recent models have a quicker reception which is also worth it (end digit of model number is 5.) The full featured model I would recommend is the 255 or the wide version 255W. If she is regularly commuting in a large city, you might want to add the FM receiver which gives: Traffic updates, Weather forecasts, Fuel prices, News stories, Movie listings and reviews, Stock info, Local events, concerts, festivals, etc.


This model also keeps a track log which is handy for logging your business miles and has other uses.....

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Thanks friends. You helped me to narrow to 200, 500 series. She'll use 80% for highway car travel and 20% for bicycling.

- I think garmin does not have the bicycle bracket for nuvis - it's not intent for this type of use. But if you have some ideas to home make ones, let me know how. thanks.

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There are bicycle mounts for 200 and 500 series. They are $9 on Ebay. Both 200 and 500 series have text-to-speech. 500 did not originally (as you will see on older reviews of the 500) but the latest firmware upgrade includes text-to-speech.


We have a 750 which include MP3 player. That may be nice during the long bike rides? It was $180 at Sams. I have a 500 on its way to me. 500 has nice switching between auto, marine, and on foot modes. Support paperless geocaching.

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For Nuvi's, pretty much the higher the number the better the Nuvi :rolleyes:


Not true.


The 885 is slow compare to 760 and 765


The 1300 and 1400 has removed lots of function, compare to 7xx and 8xx


Get a Nüvi 760. Not the latest and greatest, but you can get a good deal.

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