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  1. Does anyone know what the chipset is in the Garmin Nuvi 500?
  2. Anyone know if the chipsets in these two GPS receivers is the same?
  3. I left a Nuvi 750 and a Nuvi 500 (in driving mode) both sitting on the dashboard of my car pointed due south for 30 minutes with the car not moving. I monitored the "Skyview" screens of both to compare the accuracy and satellites. Both were using the same 12 satellites. The 750 was consistently at 11 feet accuracy while the 500 hung around was 24 feet. Does anyone have ideas as why the 750 was more accurate than the 500? Are the chip sets the same on both? This is sad results because I bought the 500 for geocaching and it so far is less accurate my 750 auto GPS. Disclaimer: this is not a very scientific comparison. Your "mileage" may vary. Mike
  4. If you have a PC you could install a PDF distiller (installs like a printer in Windows). Then if you have software on your PC which will allow you to print the cache information you could just print cache information to PDF files. Then just use a PDF viewer on your handheld device to read it. I did this for a while on my Palm TX for reading cache information out in the field, small screen though. Print Key 2000 is a PDF distiller which is free. There are many others. Mike
  5. I was able to get both Jack and Samanth TTS to work. It is interesting the original version (3.10) the unit had Audio version 2.0, but when I updated the software to version 3.40 the Audio version went to 1.0. Mike
  6. I just updated my 500 from software version from 2.10 to 3.40. I downloaded all the voices. For some reason when I rerun Webupdater it still has all the voices as not being installed. I reinstalled them multiple times, but they are still marked as not downloaded in web updater. The American Samantha TTS is installed along with others, but the American Jack TTS will not install on the Garmin Nuvi 500. Why? I have version 3.40 with Audio Version 1.0. Mike
  7. There are bicycle mounts for 200 and 500 series. They are $9 on Ebay. Both 200 and 500 series have text-to-speech. 500 did not originally (as you will see on older reviews of the 500) but the latest firmware upgrade includes text-to-speech. We have a 750 which include MP3 player. That may be nice during the long bike rides? It was $180 at Sams. I have a 500 on its way to me. 500 has nice switching between auto, marine, and on foot modes. Support paperless geocaching.
  8. I am looking to buy a new GPS with geocaching features. I wanted to compare our current GPS Garmin Nuvi 750 (discontinued product) with Garmin Nuvi 500 (current Nuvi product line) with Garmin Oregon 400t (current Oregon product line). The Garmin web page does allow me to do this directly. I can do a little URL (address) tampering to get the online comparison I am looking for. 1) Get the product IDs for each product you want to compare. For example product Nuvi 750 is 37419, Nuvi 500 is 13424 Oregon 400t is 14904. 2) Do a compare between two products in the same line like Nuvi 500 and Nuvi 550 (https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=133&compareProduct=13424&compareProduct=27442) 3) In the URL (address) change the product IDs listed to the ones you want and add as many "&compareProduct=" needed like: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/compare.do?cID=...reProduct=14904 Now you can compare across product lines as well as discontinued products with current products. Be aware that the product IDs can change at any time. Disclaimer: I do not work for Garmin. This process or the product IDs may change at any time based on Garmin changing its web page and how it functions. Mike
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