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  1. Oh get over yourselves guys. You have to admit it's lame what they did. It's not like the app is some amazing UI. It's just a map with points linked to a database. Those physical points are maintained by volunteers. Originally it was run by a couple of guys for fun. It shouldn't cost much to do. I'm ok with premium membership and ads because servers cost money, but don't gut the whole thing for a casual user. I only do it when I have nothing else to do with the kids on a saturday. I don't use very much computer power. I actually had more caches than the one listed and gave them up to be maintained by other people so they came off my cache list. I know one of them is still active, but the person that maintains it now made it premium only. I still have my gps, and I use it sometimes because the phones don't work as well in the woods. The only reason I thought about this is because I saw premium memberships available on sweatcoin. Even with fake money, I'm not sure the upgrade is worth it.
  2. I know it's not the only app in town. I'm just saying the creators should know better than to make their app the lame one.
  3. I think the new pay to play above 1.5 limitation is dumb. It's not that complicated of an app. If Waze can make money handing out free maps, directions, and traffic advice, Groundspeak can by providing a list of gps coordinates for boxes of stuff that volunteers maintain. I've been doing this since 2000. I once bought a GPS through the site to help out in the early days. I mainly used it to find hidden gems while on vacation and generally don't log the caches. I thought this was a great idea back in the day. It was kind of like an early social network. In the early days you said the site would always be free because geocaching should be free for all. It's sad geocaching has lost sight of its early vision. You guys killed it. I have to pay to have my kid find my own box of stuff in the woods now. Pokémon go is free, so that's what my 5yr old does now.
  4. I got a 265wt for christmas this year and I think it's great. I doesn't have the lane assist, but it does sometimes tell you to keep right or left before you get to a tricky spot. The maps are great even in screwey Boston, and it's never told me to go the wrong way down a 1-way. It routes me around traffic too. The traffic information is sometimes delayed, and the preloaded POIs are out of date as many restaurants listed closed years ago. The numbers are listed though, so you can call before you start driving The only way it could be better is if it could access real time weather maps, news, traffic cams, internet through a bluetooth connected smartphone.
  5. I just went through the steps to register my new oregon on geocaching.com. The screen says I'm now a premium member for 30 days, but my profile states I'm still a basic member. I can't upload full cache information (still only get coordinates) to the device. I tried to reregister the device, but that failed because the serial number is already taken. I restarted explorer and got the same problem. Who do I email to get this sorted out? Sorry if this is the wrong place. Thanks.
  6. I have used the 60CSx (and my wife currently uses a 60Cx). I have also used a Colorado 300 and ow an Oregon 400t. I can tell you that if you are caching with your kids, you might consider option 4... You might consider getting 2 of the "little yellow etrex" GPSr's and a cheap PDA. That combination would give you paperless caching and it would do something else for you that you might not realize immediately. The kids (and anyone else for that matter) will have much more fun getting started in geocaching when they can hold the GPSr in their own hands. We have seen this over and over again (as well as hearing it from others). The other nice thing about this option is that it's just as cheap (or cheaper) than getting the Oregon 200. That option has been in the back of my mind becasue the kids like to fight over stuff. I could get 2 PN20s for $260 total at Amazon... do they have (or will they in the future) the option to easily go paperless like the PN40? Are they as accurate under foliage as the new high sensitivity etrex ventures?
  7. I had a barometer and compass on my old etrex that I'm replacing, and I never used them. I would have preferred to shut it off and use the GPS elevation, but the etrex wouldn't let me do it. The compass always had to be recalibrated on that unit, so I figured it was more of a pain than anything.
  8. Sorry if this is in the wrong spot, and sorry if I’m breaking the rules, but I would like a little advice on a handheld system to replace my old Vista that I bought back in 2002. I’m sad to let it go as it’s been all over the world with me, but the thumbstick finally cracked off… a non duct tape fix. It kept working even after a multiple dips in the ocean. 3 Options: 1) I’m trying to stay below the $300 threshold. And I’m looking at the Garmin oregon200 for geoaching with my kids now that they’re old enough. I can get one from Amazon for $250 after rebate. The main reason I like it is the option of paperless caching. I used to carry a binder of possible cashes with hints etc. when I’d travel, and I would prefer to not do that if I can just download all cache information to the unit including descriptions. My 2 concerns are durability of a touchscreen and visibility in daylight. It also looks good. ($250 at Amazon) 2) Another option is something from the Garmin GPSmap60 series these are more rugged and daylight visible, but I lose the ability to download cache text to the unit. ($200 Amazon) 3) The last option is to buy a base model etrex, and do what I’ve always done ($100), small and now have a very long battery life. I was lucky to get 2hours out my last system on 2AAs. Would the touchscreen durability and visibility be a deal breaker for anyone? Anything I get will be better than what I had before simply because of antenna quality. I’m just curious what people who own these things think. Thanks in advance If you guys have seen cheaper places to get these things in the next few days please let me know.
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