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  1. For my learning session, what difference between viapoint and waypoint? When we use viapoint or waypoint ? thanks.
  2. Is there available in 2010 version on DVD or download yet?
  3. Do you know what enhancements included in 2010 version? thanks.
  4. - with only 3.2 mega pixels - and 4x digital zoom (not optical zoom), i don't think we can get a crispy and sharp pictures.
  5. So if they continue to support it and everything coming with, WHY put them to this famous discontinued list ? To avoid guarantee repair?
  6. Hi members, i plan to buy at CostCo store a Nuvi 260. But this model is on discontinued product list in Garmin website. I wonder if the discontinued model still supported by Garmin - i.e firmware update time to time? Or do not supported at all ? Thanks.
  7. I changed the waypoint settings to small green dot. BUT, i still have blue flags when I trace my route? I miss something? thanks
  8. Me too, i hurry to know the solution to do not display these flags. Worse, even i remove the route, these flags STILL displayed.
  9. I almost use Tracks files. And it works flawlessly with v.3.0.
  10. - good advice. thanks. So, i'll buy dvd from my garmin store next week.
  11. - On my Vista HCx, i have Lexmark 4GB Micro-SDHC. And it works very well. shiva.. I would highly recommend you not download the 3.0 software upgrade. If you have and it is working please let us know. - euhhhh...as soon as i got my Vista HCx out of box, the first thing i did is upgrade it to ver 3.0. With 4 GB Lexmark Micro-SDHC installed. I do not have any problem to use the unit. And i have some maps on it: CN2009 NT, Topo US, some regions Quebec non-garmin topo, too. I use it for my bicycle rides, it works very fine.
  12. - thanks PDOP's. Yes, I already have this excellent Ibycus Topo Map. But, what i need is the elevation profile function. Because i want to figure out an elevation profile of my bicycle rides. Garmin's topo maps can show it. I do not see this fuction on Ibycus product. May be i'm wrong, if Ibycus topo map can show the elevation profile, could you kindly tell me how to obtain this view ? thanks.
  13. - On my Vista HCx, i have Lexmark 4GB Micro-SDHC. And it works very well.
  14. - As per buy.garmin site, they chop canada into many regions - east, northeast, nunavut, central and west. - Like you said, is there another joke from Garmin? Ref: http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/site/us/lang/en/topocanada
  15. Hi, i want to buy online a downloaded Canada Topo Eastern map. But, during apply online form, I do not have Canada in the dropdown list which contains only France, UK, Ireland and US. I know, Canada is too small country for Garmin to take it in serious consideration - "how does it works" this amazing apply form without my appropriate country choice ? Good sunday, all of you.
  16. let us know how it goes please. from mm's post it sounds like it depends on who answers your call in customer service. kinda like when i call my i.t. help desk at work, i can tell right away if they know what they're doing or just reading the script. - always busy friday phone line. Finally, i bought a dvd from store close to home. - Amazing HCx model. Same functions, smaller than 60CSx but crispy clear display. Fast acquiring satellite.
  17. If your handlebar adapter mount is too small to fit to your handle bar diameter, remove the screw on it and then use two medium tie-wraps to secure it in place. This actual bike season is my 3rd season with these same tie-wraps attached. No fail, non broken installation even after 3 years use.
  18. - i just get my HCx yesterday afternoon. And yes, the small clip is included.
  19. Thanks for your advice, Motorcycle_Mama. I'll call them this morning about unlock code only.
  20. Good day members. I just bought the Vista HCx, I alreday have City Nav2009 in my pc for my existing 60csx and nuvi760. How can i get the unlock code & product key for my new vista and then install CN on it ? Thanks for your help.
  21. Very very easy to convert decimal value to angle value(deg-min-sec) : 14.877 minutes North = 14 minutes 53 sec North 7.137 minutes East = 7 minutes 8 sec East Note: 0.877 x 60 = 53 sec (round of 52.62) 0.137 x 60 = 8 sec (round of 8.22) N46° 25.000 = N 46° 15 min 00 sec W064° 26.000 = W 064° 15 min 00 sec Note : 0.25 x 60 = 15 min 0.26 x 60 = 15 min ( round of 15.6) And finally use angle addition rule as usual to find your final coordinates.
  22. With GpicSyn, can i geo-tag my photos with the track converted from WinGDB?
  23. What i do...make a waypoint in my gps right after picture taken. And name it with the photo number found in the camera display.
  24. Is there a conflict occurs if i install 3.41 version? i always use the 1.1 version and i want to keep it active. thanks Edward.
  25. Can we completely remove (delete) the BASEMAP pre-loaded in the unit? and then replace with the City Navigator 2009? thanks.
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