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Is this a Multi-cache?

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Trying to make our first cache. Wanted to do something a bit different on a lot we own. Does it seem OK to make an initial waypoint and then have that one provide NOT co-ordinates, but a specific compass heading and distance in feet or paces? Considering doing this as a 3 step find with a full size cache at the end. The web site states that it needs all points of a multi as co-ordinates, and that could be done with the second two logged in as "hidden", I suppose? Just not sure how this should be logged into Geocaching.com. Advice?

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Yes, it's a multi-cache. Yes, provide the coordinates for the stages as hidden additional waypoints.


If you use the term "pace" in your cache description, please define what you mean by it! A pace is not a step, and in particular, it's not a big step. It's probably better to stick to X bearing at X feet.


If I'm at your point # 1 and your instructions are to go 325 feet on a 56 degree heading, I'm not going to use a compass. I'm not going to project a point.

I'm going to leave my "goto" on the original waypoint and add 180 degrees to 56 degrees = 236, and walk from that initial point until my GPS says I'm 325 feet away at 236 degrees. I'll be at your second point. I mention this because every cache I've seen that used a bearing and distance always says, in error, "you need a compass for this", and I never have needed a compass; I have a gps.

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You're thinking of something like this:




It isn't listed as a multi- just a traditional. It is also only a single step, but it should give you an idea...

That one is listed incorrectly. A traditional cache is a container placed at the coordinates listed. I've gotten burned on this a few times when I downloaded coordinates into my GPS and didn't read the cache page. A traditional should always be located at the coordinates on the page.


I'd post a needs maintenance on that cache, but I'm not local, and I think it would be inappropriate for me to do that.



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Sam&Ziggy-"Does it seem OK to make an initial waypoint and then have that one provide NOT co-ordinates, but a specific compass heading and distance in feet or paces?"
That could make it a "?" cache where you have to use some additional capabilities of your GPS to calculate a waypoint projection to get the final coordinates.
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It would be a Mystery cache not a multi. We have a guy around here who loves dong those and all his (which are a bunch of fun) arel Mystery. One of his best (which I haven't gotten to) has a distance of 440 yards from the initial point but takes 2 plus hours to get to. Your reviewer would probably have caught that and had you change it.

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