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Birthday present

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I need a birthday present for my nephew, who sometimes goes caching with me. I was thinking in terms of a GPS of his own. I use a Garmin 76map and an iPhone which are our workhorses when we go out caching, so I need something inexpensive for him.


I need advice on inexpensive GPSs for caching. I would like it to be able to download waypoints and at least be able to point in the right direction. Mapping is probable too expensive, but I'm open to suggestions.



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I'll have to go against Star*Hopper's advice of the eTrex Legend. The Legend is going 9 years old and is obsolete. I have no idea why Garmin still sells it.


The Venture HC is only a few bucks more than the Legend and has 3 times the map memory, a color display, a fast USB connection (the Legend has a serial and doesn't even work with newer PCs without an adapter) and most importantly, a high sensitivity receiver for great reception under trees. If you shop around you can find the Venture HC for under $120, usually just 10-15 bucks more than the Legend goes for.

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Yup - go with the Venture HC. Rugged, long battery life, USB connections, color screen, high sensitivity, some map memory, Geocaching mode - easy to use. About $125 if you shop around.




The Legend HCx (note the "HCx") is much newer than the old blue Legend and adds more waypoints, expandable memory and autorouting to the Venture HC.

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