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  1. We (from Michigan) have done some caching in FL. Encountered brown recluse spyder and gaiters. We fear the spyders more as you don't see them 'till the last second. Gaiters on the other hand have been spotted from a safe enuf distance to keep that distance safe! I hear they are very fast for a short distance!
  2. Yup, It was at a park and grab cache. Drove up to see a car parked 20' from the cache. Neither of us got out for several minutes. Then I got out to lean on the side of the car. When they saw my GPS in hand they got out too. Chatted then we both ended up with a DNF. At least we could share in the disappointment. Have had probly 10 times to meet someone at a cache after 400 finds.
  3. It is important to remove any ink pens and replace them with pencils. When an ink pen freezes it splits the resevoir. When it thaws.......you've got ink all over the cache! Found one once and there was ink all over the swag and on the T.B.s.
  4. Yes, quality time with my 15 y/o daughter. She loves the hunt and gives an exited "yessss"! when we make the find. Just bought her 2 more T.B. tags for T.B.s she wants to send out. Made her day....her responce.....a big hug and "thank you daddy"! PRICELESS !!!!!!!!!!
  5. I found one before but noticed in the past logs that it had been dropped in to the depths below several times. Guess that's what the C.O. should expect from time to time.
  6. Yes, what he said. Outside of my GPSr and PDA, it is the best tool I use to cache. I highly recommend it.
  7. We prefer the in between months here in Michigan. Spring and Fall, but, will cache all year round if it's not either a blizzard or hot and humid!
  8. I drive a powerful 1998 GMC!! Use the I.D. on my 4x4 forums as well.
  9. We try to do it w/o the hint. If we can't find it then look at the hint.
  10. I really like my garmin e-Trex Legend c Came with a USB cable for ease of downloading from the computer. The color screen is easy to read. If you are interrested in buying on ebay there are some going for under $100 Like this example: http://cgi.ebay.com/Garmin-eTrex-Legend-C-...A1%7C240%3A1318
  11. I tried several times to renew my membership using paypal. Every time it failed saying there was an error and closed my internet brouser. No charges showing on my account but I can't get it to pay either.
  12. Any idea when? Thank you, I will wait patiently. I am just glad to know they are working on it.
  13. The place I'm buying from that's offering me the 30% off doesn't have the Oregon... and I don't like buying electronics or things this expensive from Ebay since there isn't a hard n fast return policy - whereas if something happens to this I can return it to the store (there's a store in my area but they don't sell this in the store - only online). I have bought all of my Garmin GPS units off Ebay. I always have gotten the ones that have been "factory refurbished". They come in a box sealed from the factory with all cables, instructions AND a 1 year warranty from Garmin!!!!! Each unit I have bought you would swear it was new!!
  14. X2 BTW We lost a T.B. 2 months after releasing it. The owner of the cache that it was supposed to be in e-mailed us and said he was there to do some maint. and noticed it was missing. We gave it quite some time and decided it was not going to reappear. I know some will say we shouldn't do this, but, we bought a replacement and attached the copy of the tag to the new one and set it free in a different cache. it has slowly been getting some miles on it!
  15. I assume you are from Royal Oak, MI I am a member of the Two-Trackers 4x4 club. We have a few members that geocache as well as 4-wheel. Sometimes we will grab a cache along the way when we wheel. Grabbed this one and a few others in the area in October when we were on our fall color tour. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...7b-7c6a94de29cc A few sites for you to check out: Our club site www.twotrackers.com Statewide 4x4 site with a forum: www.gl4x4.com good luck
  16. Do the "Hidden Mickeys"!! Ask any Disney empolyee where to pick-up the book. I don't remember what it is called but gives the locations and a few hints as to where they are hidden. We had a ball doing this. You get "points" for finding the "Mickeys". We were at the "Polynesian" if you go to the store on the 2nd floor there is a short older lady that is just thrilled to talk about hidden Mickeys and sell you the book.
  17. That would be kinda hard as it depends on the recent weather. We have a few that are winter friendly. It may just raise the difficulty level a bit.
  18. I have seen one in a tree that had a wire attached to it and the other end to the tree!!
  19. I drive delivery van around town all day. can you imagine how hard it is knowing that I am passing all those caches and do not have the time to stop??!!
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