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COINTEST: "Nice spot here for a bit of butty munching"


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A Little FYI.....


From What I can Research, Wavector last posted on February 18th 2009.

The last cache he did was February 8th.

But he was on GC.com April 13th 2009, last week . Did anyone hear from him?

It's ashame that he has 4 cointests going on with all the promises of Great coins that people sent him for his cointests, and he abanded the cointest threads.

I know That I as well as everyone who answered the Nutty Butty cointest worked VERY HARD to find the difficult answers. What a waste of time, I mean , they weren't even FUN, they were HARD!!!!!!!!!

Maybe he's decided to keep the gifted coins himself.

I have emailed him and posted that I hope all is well SEVERAL times. He was well enough to log on on April 13th, but not well enough to cancel the cointests or explein what was going on.


I don't know.


I'm Disappointed.



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Hey! Welcome back wavector!!! :laughing:


I hope everything is well with you and your family! :laughing:


Can I ask something? I was the last who grab dead Fred Tb, and it seams now that it is in my hands, but it is not! I am worried about the owner and what he may think...


So.. what shall I do? Shall the owner grab it back from me? ...I do not even remember the TB's tracking number.... :laughing:

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WHO WON ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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WHO WON ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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I think you should slap Dead Fred around and get information on wavector and his " cointest prizes "






I was wondering... the coitest with the things we have in our bags.... is it still on?

Do you remember this cointest??? B):D


Yup!!! That was the EASY cointest!!!!!LOL!!! :(

He had like 4 or 5 cointets going at once.


I don't want any of the prizes because I would have to sell them, But I would like to see that SOMEBODY won SOMETHING. :o;);)



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My favorite part was figuring out the TB number with Opalsns! That was a mind workout..I still have blisters on my brain!!! LOL



That was GENIOUS!!!!


You were my hero!!!!!!! :D


I liked the clip art of you banging your head against the computer.

Edited by opalsns
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Maybe it was GatorGirl's ..........


:unsure::lol::) See.... it's been such a long time since we tried to solve the cointest that we do not even remember who was the poster of this clip art! :):):)


the funny is that I remember this clip art and it was funny but I do not remember who posted it and... if it was in this cointest of somewhere else...! but I admit.. it was a funny one! :)

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Thanks to everyone who played all the puzzles in "Nice spot here for a bit of butty munching."

I want to say first that no one was actually left hanging, all the prizes that were rewarded were sent out, I gave away about 25 geocoins before things got screwed up here at my house..

There are still another 5 or 6 geocoins to give away and the people who completed this puzzle to Stage Three are a very small group, everyone will get a prize.

The winner of the Stage 3 of this contest is going to get a chance to win a pair of Earth Turtles, I will make the draws later today.

A little explanation might be in order.

We have just completed a renovation which gave us a new bathroom in the basement.

It disrupted life in our house and left me wondering what happened to my geocoins.

I mananged to find most of them easily but could not find the most important coin that had been mailed to me during the contest, I stuck it away and couldn't find it again, I actually couldn't find anything again and felt lucky to find the LnL that had most of my geocoins.

I finally found the fabulous geocoin I had misplaced and posted a picture of it yesterday on Photobucket.

Here is the image






That Earth Turtle will be paired with the already posted Earth Turtle to give the winner of Stage 3 a really really nice prize.

I want to apologize to everyone for leaving the contests open for so long. I figured I would find the geocoin eventually and couldn't really close the contests until I found the prizes.

The entries dropped off but everyone who had won a prize at that point had received it so other than a bit of nail biting for the people who had entered there was no problem that wouldn't eventually get worked out, and it has. I have learned my lesson and will keep the next contest short and simple. :ph34r:

I have the other contests threads to finish up as well as there will be prizes in those threads as well. I should have everything done by tonight. (Famous last words!!!)


So that is where we stand right now.

I have entries from Stage 3 for a number of players and everyone who made it through Stage Three will get some type of geocoin reward.

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It's alive!


Thank you for not forgetting about this cointest, wavector. :)


Hi Eartha

Thank You


The winner is GATOULIS, who is currently holding Dead Fred as well. Congratulations Gatoulis.

I found your post in the My Geocaching Bag thread, you have correctly answered all the Stage 3 questions.

I made a draw using slips of paper and a margarine tin.

All the names of the Stage Three entrants are pretty easy to find, just look at Dead Fred and they are the last four finders who grabbed Fred.

Thanks to BexyBear who originally made this whole puzzle series possible. It was a lot of fun and I gave away a lot of coins.

The other three Stage Three entrants will each receive a Brass Cap Geocoin (this is a new geocoin which will debut in 3 weeks. I will notify you on this thread when you the geocoins are shipped, expect to wait a few weeks.


Gatoulis, I will be shipping your two Earth Turtles registered mail so there is no chance of losing them! I will send some follow up emails to all the entrants tomorrow morning. I am going to make a few more draws right now.


Now to the prize that Gatoulis has won...two earth turtles.




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WOW!!! I won? Dead Fred brought luck?? :anibad:


Thank you so much! these are the first turtles in my collection! :unsure:

I am so glad that all 3 will take a coin too! :rolleyes:


Hmm... now I will have to search for all info I can find about the turtle coins, to write them in my list! I keep all the info I can find for the coins in my collection! :drama:


Now what happens with dead Fred? Will he virtually stay with me? :drama:

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In the mail yesterday






I have sent the two earth Turtles by registered mail at 4 X the usual cost :) . I have had packages go missing before and most often I can replace them. Two earth turtles are not replaceable. The registered letter is insured automatically for $100.00CDN. I will send the tracking code to the Gatoulis so he can see where the package is.


If you have won a Brass Cap Geocoin they will not ship unhjtil the 18th of August. This will ensure that the geocoins debut is at the SAW I - Welcome to Medicine Hat



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WOW!!! the registered mail was 4X the usual cost?? OH!!!! that's expensive!!! I am sorry my friend for that!


No need to worry my friend. I made the decision to do that before I even saw the cost. If these earth Turtles are lost in the mail then you will get $100.00CDN. That is not enough to replace these two geocoins, I doubt you could find one of the old earth Turtles.

I hope that the tracking will get them into your hands where they will be appreciated.


Congratulations again, the Cointest was very tough, there were only a few people who made it to Stage Three.

The last time I checked the tracking code it said the package was in the Medicine Hat post office but that isn't right. It should update soon and show it in Calgary or Toronto.


I want to publicly say thank you again to the geocacher who donated the new Earth Turtle. I hope you see this note. I will post some pics of my renovation (still ongoing) so you can see where the geocoin spent the last year or so. It was buried. Our basement stairs needed to be replaced and that is a big job. The floor had to be jackhammered out to replace the old cast iron plumbing. The old chimney had to be removed from the top down using a sledgehammer. The old furnace had to be broken up with a sledge and hauled out. It really was major project. At the end of the day we have a new bathroom, what could be better for family of five?

Edited by wavector
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Today I received your Letter David! :laughing: WOW!!! :laughing:

Thank yuo my friend!!! :huh:


Oh! I was socked with the postage money!!! 16.95 CA$ !!! I have the feeling that with the postage you could buy 2 geocoins!!


the turtles are fantastic!!! these are the first turtle geocoins in my collection and the first ones I see! :)


One is a sea turtle and the older is an earth turtle? :D I am not talking about the name of the coin but about what turtles they are artistically show... :P


Now I will have to find all info I can about them! :D


Once again thank you so much!!! :laughing:

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