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Reviving Archived Earthcaches


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The post must have hick-uped. I'll try it again


I revived 2 EarthCahes last summer, Travertine Hot Springs and Mono Lake Water Balance. I asked the original owers to revive them so I could visit them, but they had me revive them instead. One was archived because the logging requirements were updated and the other never made it back from Waymarking.


Are there any other archived EarthCaches that should be brought back.

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I know of 1 in my area that was archived and the owner won't allow it to be adopted. Something about it doesn't meet his standards of a cache he would want to look for now. I may have to start my own similar EC just to keep the cache location alive.

Maybe that is what needs to happen. Just keep the other cacher in the loop out of courtesy. Maybe they would at least give you the contact info.

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I have been trying to get this one back up and running (GC1BPXK). It is in the Smokey Mountains National Park and I had a approval at one time, but the national parks now need written approvals and I have contacted no less than three people so far, but cannot get them to make the big call on it yet. I cannot see what the big deal is, you have to hike a trail 7 plus miles that is hiked every day and take a picture and make a guess on a few questions. It is hard to get a hold of people in the national park system and when you do they seam to have more important things to do. It a shame because this one is a great hike. Hopefully if I stay with it, it will be reopened.

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I was able to adopt a revived archived EarhCache Cap Blanc-Nez.

The former developer got po because of cachers logging the EarthCache without fulfilling the logging requirements and archived it. He was very cooperative though throughout the adoption process as was GeoAware.


Btw, I fully support the wish for a revival of the ability for premium members to see archived caches in the maps.

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