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  1. I am able to find the events near the date of Geowoodstock by going to Find a cache, clicking Add Filters. Once you see the criteria page, deselect all cache types except Event and enter Maryland in Search only in (when you see United States: Maryland, click on it. Then Click Search. Once you have the list of events, click on Placed On to reverse the sort. OMG, I appreciate the help but I got to do all that just to get the info that a drop down and one click of the mouse got me before.
  2. Go to the Filters without entering anything in the search box. Enter your state in the "Search only in" field. Select "deselect all" for the cache types, then select Events and execute the search. It'll show all events in order from the distance to your home coordinates. Click on the "Placed by" column header and now they're sorted by date. What am I missing? we shouldn't have to do this tho.... the old system worked perfectly Amen Brother
  3. Bookmark this http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?&State_id=18&tx=69eb8534-b718-4b35-ae3c-a856a55b0874 By replacing the state id number with something else it works for states other than Kentucky and by replacing the tx part by something else for other cache types. Quite tiresome however and so annoying as all what is needed for the old search is still there. I do not know what you just said but what ever you did it provides what I need. This is my point, do I have to be a filter guru to do this stuff that I used to just pick in a box and say go
  4. Go to the Filters without entering anything in the search box. Enter your state in the "Search only in" field. Select "deselect all" for the cache types, then select Events and execute the search. It'll show all events in order from the distance to your home coordinates. Click on the "Placed by" column header and now they're sorted by date. What am I missing? I live 45 miles from a major metro area that has most events and the search does not go out that far. I would like what I had before and to know all event in my state without having to add filters. This is all good and well for those computer geeks out there but I would rather be spending time on a trail in the woods then be adding filter to get what I need.
  5. The way this is now, no on will come to your events that you hold except for people who just happen to come by your town and see the icon on the map
  6. Not liking this at all. It is imposable to find events in our area. There needs to be a return to where we can find out the newest caches and all event for each state. If this is what we get for our subscription I am not liking it. You took away the state button in our profile some months ago but we could still use the old search to find out the newest caches in the state as well as the events that were coming up. Perfect example of what is wrong with this format is that I am trying to find out all the events leading up to the Geowoodstock in may, the way thing are now I do not know how that could be done. All I can say is HELP!
  7. Simple fix. Charge $5 for each of them and limit to only places YOU CAN PROVE do not allow a regular cache.
  8. Here's a bookmark http://www.geocaching.com/bookmarks/view.aspx?guid=8ff4c2f2-d66d-4c34-817d-e880fbce8b5c
  9. What garmin unit do you have?
  10. I am having the same problem and I have also loaded the latest firmware but not the bata and I still have the problem about one in ten caches. I find it really is a problem when I am walking a trail and then turn left or right off trail to get to a cache. It sometimes sticks at around 200feet. I love the 62 unit but this is aggravating and I hope it is addressed in future firmware updates.
  11. I am sure you will have a great time. That part of the country is an amazing place. Nothing like it around Kentucky and Indiana. If you get a chance drive up to the Alien Head and do it. The ride is amazing I almost wish that when I was there I would have stopped and smelled the roses a little more.
  12. Route 66 series (800 caches) - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=gc2j17aYer-MO series (60+ caches) - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?wp=GC2KW0A So are these the two most logical choices for someone who has plane tickets to Vegas, and planned on doing the E.T. trail? Not for me, I would have no interest. But for someone I know who isn't a big forum poster. I'm in the same boat as your friend. (I have the nonrefundable plane tickets and nonrefundable hotel reservations.) If you use the Geocache Google Earth Viewer and look southwest of Vegas, you can find some alternatives. Will they be as easy? I don't know. Truthfully, I've not looked into all them other than started scouting them out on a map. Good luck to your friend. When do you have tickets for Vegas? Jeepstaff, Paddle and I plan to do Kokopelli from March 31 to April 5th, you could use your tickets for that run then use your hotel to go over and do the alien head. The numbers would not be as great but you would still enjoy the area that the ET trail is on.
  13. Great place for the picnic. looking forward to it.
  14. After buying a Colorado a few years back, I know that they had a lot of problems at first with battery drain, and firmware problems as well. I gave up and sent my unit back. I recently bought a Dakota 10 and it uses a similar operating system. from what I have learned from the Dakota, is the Garmin has fixed a lot of problems with that operating system and it now seams to be a good system for paperless geocaching. I figure that most of the problem with the Colorado may now be fixed, but the bad image has stuck and no one wants to buy one anymore. I really like the new touch screen units, but if that is not important you sure can get a good deal on these discontinued units.
  15. Interlake in Southern Indiana is suppose to be a great place to off road try centering on this cache. GC1N196
  16. Good point. I am also looking at the hike bike bundle which comes with full maps for not that much more $$s. I think once I get used to the unit that I will eventually give up the 60csx but its a tough unit to give up.
  17. Thanks for the info. Now if I can find $300 around here some place....
  18. I have a Map60csx that I love and I currently use a nuvi for my paperless needs. The problem is that it takes too long to get a satellite lock when needed for a cache. I was looking to get a Dakota 10 for a backup as well as my paperless needs and was wondering if this series supported field notes. The Garmin website does not mention if it does or not. The field notes are not necessary but would be an added bonus and might be enough to justify me buying the Dakota.
  19. Better Half Shell and I will be in the Lodge Saturday night.
  20. Turtle3863

    ISQ Finds

    The KSQ's for the most part do not allow night caching but the main difference between the ISQ's and the KSQ's are that those are recommended guidelines but not hard line rules. I am not leaning one way or the other and I think both series are great, that's just the way folks wanted the KSQ's to be. As for Cav Scout, he at first wanted to do his caches in our series and I was helping him towards that goal then he decided to align his more towards the ISQ which is fine by me except by using the same numbers of the all ready established KSQ, it may start some confusion in the future. As for the ban, I do not know why he was banned, but I don't think it had anything to do with his KSQ's but only the PTB know for sure.
  21. Turtle3863

    ISQ Finds

    Currently there have been 111 (KSQ's)Kentucky Spirit Quest caches placed. The series was started May 5, 2006. I myself wanted to set them up to be allied with the ISQ but others wanted a less restrictive page layout and the majority ruled.
  22. Turtle3863

    ISQ Finds

    messed up see post below.
  23. I have been trying to get this one back up and running (GC1BPXK). It is in the Smokey Mountains National Park and I had a approval at one time, but the national parks now need written approvals and I have contacted no less than three people so far, but cannot get them to make the big call on it yet. I cannot see what the big deal is, you have to hike a trail 7 plus miles that is hiked every day and take a picture and make a guess on a few questions. It is hard to get a hold of people in the national park system and when you do they seam to have more important things to do. It a shame because this one is a great hike. Hopefully if I stay with it, it will be reopened.
  24. From the outside looking in that might be how this situation appears. However, if you knew the whole story, then you might think differently. This situation started when Cav Scout was asked by the guy in charge of the Berea College Forest to place a cache in memory of his nephew that died. Cav said that he would do that. He checked the area, scouted it out, found that no other caches were nearby and placed the cache. In that same time period another cacher, who will remain anonymous, also attempted to place a cache in the Berea College Forest (but not near the one Cav put out). Both Cav and Cacher "F" were told by Iron Horse Reviewer that they could not place those caches in the Forest. When they asked why the answer given was that they were not the required .10 miles away from other caches. Not true, both protested, there were no caches anywhere near the ones that they put out. The answer given this time was that those areas were "reserved." Hmmm, I don't remember anything in the rules about being allowed to reserve large areas of public or private land for your own cache whenever you please. Needless to say the Forest Director was none too happy that "his" cache couldn't be placed on "his" land. Through a series of emails it was discovered that another cacher, Cacher D, was planning an event in the Forest and had his buddy Iron Horse Reviewer bend the rules so that he could have exclusive access to those areas. When the Forest Director saw the inside job taking place on his land he pulled the plug, and rightfully so, on ANY physical caches in the Berea College Forest (except the memorial cache that he asked Cav to place). Can't say I blame him. Bend the rules, pay the price. From my point of view Cav was not the problem here. Another sad footnote to this story is that other cachers, who I will not mention, have since begun placing angry posts on the caches created by Cav Scout. When it became clear who was behind some of the angry posts (possibly a reviewer incognito?) they were quickly deleted by another reviewer. Inside job to be sure. Make sure you know the whole story. The traditional caching at Berea College Forest was ruined for everyone but not by Cav. The fact is there was once many great caches in this forest, now there are not. Who ever fault it is, it's a shame it has happened. Also it does not do any good to blame the volunteer reviewers, I am fully aware of what transpired and the truth is Cav came into an area and now there are only HIS EC's and HIS regular cache. All I have to do is look in my own area around another one of Cav's EC's GC19GQP and know that I once hunted more than 20 park approved caches that are no longer there because Cav went in and contacted another person other than the original person that approved them. Like you said "Make sure you know the whole story" I have said my last piece and I will be getting back to my real passion of finding caches. So I will not be adding any more comments about this subject.
  25. Lets see......Before Cav Scout came to the Berea Forest there were some where around 7 great regular caches in the forest including one great 5 star cache which had been out there for years and required a rope to repel down to it. That cache GC575E was on most folk "to do list" in this area. After Cav Scout went into the area and LOGGED all the regular caches and then let the cat out of the bag. There is now only one Regular cache in those forest that is owned by you guessed it...Cav Scout and now this plague of EC's are taking over the hill. I love EC's as much as regular caches but hope the Plaque does not hit your area. The moral of this story is! get your EC approval without ruining the other caches for others. I hope this was a good lesson for cav and that he will not ruin this sport for others.
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