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Checking a Cache (not mine)

Coyote's Girl

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You may want to email the owner to see if they want you to go check on the cache. You can also can go check on the cache to see if it is still there and then email the owner. It sounds like the cache is missing.


I have a cache that is a distance from my house and one of the local cachers keeps an eye on it for me and will check on the cache if a DNF logged. He then emails me on the condition of the cache. Just my .02 :laughing:

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I have checked on a few caches in my area that have had a number of DNFs or possible MIAs. The cache owners have always welcomed the assist. One local CO has a number of caches closer to me than to him & doesnt always get the time to check them quickly. Since I have found them before i know where they should be and can advise if there is a problem.

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This past spring a tornado went through Jackson, TN. The first cache I found was in the east bound rest area, and it was hit. The cache owner disabled the page while the area was shutdown and until he could make sure it was not blown away or cleared by the 'dozers. On my way back from Memphis I noticed the rest area was open so I stopped and checked on the cache. I went online and posted a note that all was well and the clean up in the cache area was done. The owner was very grateful to not have to waste his time or gas to check it and the next cacher to come down the interstate was grateful to have a cache to find!


There is another that my daughter and I were FTF on. After a few DNFs I checked on it and it was missing. The cache owner was overseas and appreciated my checking so he knew to disable it.


Lets all help each other make this a great hobby.

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It's very considerate of you and I'm sure the CO appreciates it.


I have informally "adopted" a cache very close to home. It also was one of my first finds when I started, and is rather special. The cache has been there since 2005.


The CO is stuck on the east coast now (business, I think) and there was a recent issue with the cache condition. I fixed it up for him, replaced the log, and told him I would check it periodically for him. It's not a big deal for me to do that, as the cache is only about a mile or two from my house, but he was extremely happy and grateful. He even sent me a beautiful unactivated New Mexico Geocaching geocoin as a token of his gratitude. I wasn't expecting that B)


A cache of mine was muggled, and a cacher found it laying out in the open, hid it under some rocks, and e-mailed me about it. I promptly moved it to another location because of muggles. He went out of his way to make sure my cache was safe, and I really appreciated it :lol:


If we all help each other out like that, everyone benefits.


Bravo to you for taking the initiative! :laughing::lol:

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