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Making a Micro Log Book


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Dang, that's a really cool cache, but $24.95 is a bit steep to get it to the US. :laughing: I'll try and make my own.

The eyelet stopper looks like a good idea. I wound the film into the canister once on my old film camera by mistake and getting it out is almost impossible. I had to take it to a shop where the clerk took an old strip of film, licked it :unsure: , stuck the wet film in the canister and then pulled the strip out fast.
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I made up two in an Excel spreadsheet.........one fits a bison and a larger one for 35 MM.

I print them out, I take 3 sheets at a time and put staples in the center of each column which will be a future log, then I use a cutter to chop the three sheets into 5 or so logs.

The 35 MM size I put in ziplocks for a little added protection.


In all my regular caches, including ammo cans, I use a 35 MM can with a log inside ( sometimes two).

I write LOG on top of each can. In south Louisiana where we get a ton of rain this has worked well.

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