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  1. April 25 by Firestone1 (50 found) TFTC log a bit damp April 19 by 123followme (7 found) the cache appears to be missing MSC
  2. I would do a blatant one time number pad. In 20 -50 years someone researching the bricks would find it, discover it's a encrypted message and go crazy trying to figure who placed it, why and where the 'treasure is'. I would'nt repeat ANY of the letters so you could move the cache anyplace and add to the mystery On the brick EACFH NODIJ BMGKL Straight out number / Letter on the cache page or 'puzzle' to get them. a-2 b-4 c-1 d-0 e-4 f-5 g-0 h-0 i-7 j-6 k-8 l-1 m-8 n-8 o-6 Gets you the cache location 42. 15.086 076 48. 081 One Time Number Pad Link
  3. Just sent you my real e-mail address - send me yours and I'll send you the jpg. Can't post to image share sites (at work) and even if I could I don't want to make 'the frog' mad by publicly sharing his artwork I stole off of the refrigerator at Groundspeak HQ. .
  4. So my cache gets bulldozed and one of the construction guys finds it. He shows it to a guy who knows a little about Geocaching and he mentions the cache to a guy that is a cacher, who knows it’s my cache. Gods work? – HUH? – or just a chain of events just like your story.
  5. I thought about collecting every EatStayPlay.com token I found and mailing them back.
  6. Your Honor. My client was not stealing the hide a key cache. He was merely retrieving the cache until he was approached by the alleged 'owner' who he mistook her for a muggle and removed himself from the area. My client had misplaced his pen and was returning to his vehicle to so he could sign the log and replace the cache as he found it, when he was arrested for nothing more then a misunderstanding.
  7. Goto Member Features -> Instant Log Notification -> Create and fill out form. When you select the cache type a new field will open and select 'publish'. In the field that says 'send to another e-mail' put in for youe cell phone. For example Verizon is (Your phone number) @vtext.com - When the cache is published you'll get notified on your cell. It wont tell you the coords but will give you the cache name / GC number to look it up. Then run like heck out the door - LOL To filter out caches that have not yet been found goto Member Features -> Pocket Query Generator ->Create a new Query at the That (and) section select that have not been found. After you complete the form and click 'submit information' it gives you an option (at the top) to preview - click that.
  8. My reviewer requires you tell them how to solve the puzzle etc.
  9. You should probably see a doctor about that. Thanks NYPaddleCacher ! - I just spit coffee all over my keyboard - LOL
  10. I've been told the film cans stores food very well when kept in a lock-n-lock /spoof and then placed in a 50cal Ammo Box
  11. Fifth degree? How many 'degrees' are there to possession of stolen property? A few more, and we may find Kevin Bacon. § 165.40 Criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree. A person is guilty of criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree when he knowingly possesses stolen property, with intent to benefit himself or a person other than an owner thereof or to impede the recovery by an owner thereof. Criminal possession of stolen property in the fifth degree is a class A misdemeanor. I'll guess he'll get a $250 fine and 6 months probation if it goes to trial but I'm guessing a pre-trial with the ADA and they'll adjurn pending dismissal if he's a good boy for a year.
  12. I'd let your wife do the talking from now on
  13. Not sure if this is a getting started question but, I'd make it a Mystery cache with a 'puzzle' that tells you the exact lamp post and name it 'puzzling or not'. So if they didn't want to work out the puzzle they could always check 40 of them. But, people lifting 40 skirts in a small area is going to generate a lot of unwanted attention -
  14. Empty film canisters filled with concrete so they can't be used
  15. A few pens - not just one as they always get lost or run out of ink at the worst moment. Not an item but good advice -> if you do any caches where you hike away from your car, mark a waypoint so you can find it again (learned the hard way) EDIT: Ok, I'll give you one secret item. A hand held metal detector 'wand' to find bison tubes in those D%$m evergreen hedges.
  16. Did you click on the little 'send to GPS' button on the cache page? By using the site It's implied that you agree YES It should open a new small box and show the download. Make sure you don't have 'popups disabled' on your PC.
  17. Did you click on the little 'send to GPS' button on the cache page? By using the site It's implied that you agree
  18. No, but our newest could be a 'legal' find for us because we have a 'family account' It's a multi that my oldest son and I placed without any help what so ever from the wife and the youngest son. So, since we have finds that she and I have done alone, if the wife and youngest son went for it I'm guessing we could legitimately get our own - (but we don't plan on logging the find after she goes)
  19. Find a nice sturdy 5-6 foot long stick. Helps to move all the 'prickers' etc. out of the way.
  20. Got me ! – I even had a visual in my head of the whole thing – Nicely done.
  21. That said, there's nothing wrong with creating a theme, but don't just create a theme as an excuse to place a cache. There goes my idea for a cache and dash series at Adult Book stores from Ithaca to Lowman
  22. I wonder if Team Eagle had a profile picture before the issue - LOL
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