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Cache Adoption...

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Hi hi all!


Just in need of a little help... one of my favourite local caches is MIA, and since the cachers is no longer particularlly active (cache has been missing since April!) I've offered to adopt it and they've agreed... was trying to find the appropriate place to let them know where to go, but I can't find it... :laughing:


Can anyone shed a little light on how the process works?




CL xx

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I apply the BBC logic to it. What does that mean? Well we all (sweeping statement but it is the most popular website in the UK that is not a search engine) know that the BBC website is at www.bbc.co.uk.


But if I want Eastenders - I don't know what the web address but I'll try www.bbc.co.uk/eastenders


I want Radio 2, so I'll try www.bbc.co.uk/radio2


I want Blackadder information so I'll try www.bbc.co.uk/blackadder


And so it continues.... not always infallible but generally works rather well.


And it's the same with cache adoptions.


I want to get someone to adopt a cache for me so I'll try www.geocaching.com/adopt


Try it! :laughing: It may just work! :D

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