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Mandarin quacks

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<mandarin finds her orange box and steps up onto it>


Good evening to everyone who uses this UK Geocaching Forum.


I would like to thank those of you who have welcomed mandarin on the "Major change to the Moderating of this Forum" thread – including those who have done so with a wry smile :o


In accepting this position as a moderator on the UK Forum I hope that I can be of help to the UK geocaching community by over-seeing this discussion forum and ensuring that everyone who drops in here gets their voice heard, whether they are a brand new geocacher, or one of our veterans with thousands of finds under their belt.


I would like to pay a very sincere tribute to our previous moderators and I’m very grateful that deceangi is still around to give me advice while I get used to this orange box and learn how all these new buttons work.


Those who’ve been around here for a while know only too well some of the past “highs and lows” of this Forum’s history. I’ve been doing my Mod homework and part of this has been to re-read our Forum Guidelines which are in the link at the top. I would be pleased if everyone could have a look through them when there’s nothing worth watching on the telly. Most topic and posts that appear on here are well-considered: They may be serious, seeking information or advice, or lighthearted and aimed at providing the community with a smile. Very occasionally a Topic leaps up which pushes the boundaries of “what is OK” within the Forum Guidelines: If you feel that you want to post something which you suspect may come into this category I will happily try and assist you to put your information across in a manner that keeps all parties happy – please ask me via a PM or email. I won’t always have an immediate answer to any query – but at least I can find the right people to ask!


I hope this Forum will continue to be a useful and well-used tool of the UK geocaching community.


Happy postings, everyone!


Thank you and Good Night :lol:


<mandarin steps down and puts the orange box away>

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Just a quick bump for this thread because I notice there are quite a few new names around the Forum this week and I'd like as many UK geocachers as possible to read my OP.


Welcome to all you new folks! :wub:


Also, my thanks to those of you on the Forum who have already contacted me regarding various queries about Forum postings. I appreciate your consideration and all your thoughts and/or comments are welcomed.


(Especially those that also give me a quacky sort of chuckle :laughing: )



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Hi Ducky,


Write and Mane are eventually getting round to wishing you well in your new commitment to Geocaching.


We look forward to meeting you soon? Oh where are our name badges?


Liz and Gordon


I've just reminded that new Graculus bird about this matter... His excuse was that he forgot, because he's been a bit busy recently but he'll get his quill out and enscribe some badges for you ASAP.


(You just can't get the staff these days...) :laughing:

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