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Micro vs Regular

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The size preference and conflict of the cachers……


While caching in Oz we came across hundreds of micro caches and proportionally few regulars (and by for the most really large ones as well). We were also fortunate in attending a couple of Event Caches and had discussions with cachers with a find rating from 50 finds up to 4,000+ finds. Some cachers (especially the ones with large numbers) prefer a cunning micro in the forest rather than a regular cache.


This made us think, why (most of the times) does cachers complain about micro caches. What is the benefit of a regular cache other than an easier find due to the size? When you hide a regular cache you add nice swag, but this soon deteriorate to nothing but junk (a padlock without a key or a broken toy, which was hijacked from a kid’s toy box before the days caching, will be swapped for nice swag) which change the option of “trading “ into “filling up” (all the time) :P . Trade up or trade equal is seldom observed and Geocoins or TBs will be dropped and swag will be removed. In the end you are left with a cache and no swag worth trading – which is nothing other than giant micro :laughing: .


We enjoy caching independent of the cache size, but this opens the floor for discussion if a micro is really so unworthy?

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In the begining I hated micros now I undertand they have a place in caching. Some areas you cant place a large cache and other times its just part of a multi or mystery giving you a clue. OTHER times is just blinking hard to find it :laughing: and thats great fun (if you find it in the end of course :laughing: )


I do think big caches are great though! there is a HUGE cache in regency park (london) and I was amazed at where this huge thing is hidden and that its not been muggled yet! I know sometimes there alot of rubbish in caches but other times you find real little treasures :P


I like a healthy mix :laughing: plus the kids like to find the big ones even when its junk inside its still treasure to them. I guess its just a personal thing really.



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I disliked Micro's with a passion! NOTE-- I say "I disliked", past tense! I even publicly said it on this forum that I dislike them!

I now have to retract my words! I even have a two of my own, and plan to hide a few more soon (Some evil nano ones!)

After loosing bigger caches and replacing them with micros or small caches I have come to realize that there is a place for micro/small caches as well.

Don’t get me wrong, "meaningless" micro is to me still a waste but well placed and well thought through micros are well worth the hide and the search.

One thing that is also mentioned in this thread and in various other threads is the quality of caches.

I think we should start a drive to get all our active cachers in South Africa to improve on the quality of our caches. The South African caches are generally of a high standard if I compare them to what I have seen in other countries but there is still room for improvement IMHO.

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The micro cache debate never ends. There is a discussion at the moment in the UK forum.


For - it is disappointing to find a micro where a regular could be placed. Otherwise there is a place for a micro. And of course if it is there to demonstrate a clever hide it is well justified.

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Both have an existense. What Cache Fan dislikes is a regular cache somewhere you need to do some km's of bundu bashing and all you find is a couple of calling cards, no trade whatsoever except a McDonalds toy.


Micros are an option in urban areas, nothing wrong with it, but lately we face problems of placing TB's, especially bigger ones, in suburban caches due to suitable caches sizes.


This might also be a reason why we have much more Gecoins at present thant Travel Bugs, is this a shift in Geocaching in general?


Anyhow, a clever placed micro is just as rewarding as a regular, only exception from Cache Fan is to place a micro on top of a mountain is a no-go.

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Just to add my thoughts - since I started caching in Jan this year, I have introduced my cousin and her family to caching too. I love micros and nanos are a particular favourite because they can be such cunning and sneaky hides! All my hides are currently micro or nano (I do have some small and regulars that I've not yet placed). The challenge of finding them is often much harder and I personally, am more excited about finding a cleverly hidden micro/nano than a larger tupperware filled with "junk". My cousin on the other hand loves a small or regular as she loves the trades; she's actively avoiding micros because there are no trades in them. Even when I do larger caches I seldom trade but will always swap TBs and coins.

I do take the point about pointless micros - but the same can be said for pointless regulars! We found a regular at the back of a tip!!! (We were on holiday and didn't know any better until we neared the cache location).


I do have a question tho about placing regular caches at home - is there a high rate of muggling? I've not been able to come home since I began caching but can't wait to get home to SA and do some, especially those in places I've walked past 100's 0f times!

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I prefer the open country spaces with hiking trials, rivers and mountains with regular size caches, the urban micros is just a break between meetings or if we can not get to the open spaces with BIG caches.


Mmmmm guess were I will be going this weekend??? :lol::ph34r:

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