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Oh, goody, I finally get one!

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That's it! I haven't posted for a while, been very busy, and can't afford my hoped-for Rinos right now anyway...


But I'm getting a new laptop, and amongst the things in the "standard order" is a GPS, identified as a Garmin Nuvi 200. I'll also be getting Micro$oft Streets & Trips 2008. It'll be Windows XP, and now I have a few anticipatory questions:


1. Anybody know anything about this setup? Can I put the sensor in the window of an airplane and show my position/speed/altitude on some display? I've seen it done, but don't know what the acompanying software was.

2. My autistic son would probably enjoy watching where we were going on trips, real-time, in Google Earth (he works it well at home). That, of course, would require a mobile internet card, but we may indeed be going that direction. If so, is there a way to send coordinates from the Nuvi to GE real time? Or should I just stick with Streets and Trips?

3. Is there any other software, maps, etc that I should be considering, either for work or fun? The boss doesn't really care what personal stuff we do or load on the laptop, as long as we can get our work done. Granted a laptop isn't exactly the tool of choice for caching, so I'm not thinking along those lines...yet.


Thanks all!


ETA: Forgot to ask about what Garmin software might come with it - such as a page to show you satellite view, WAAS enablemnt and all tha stuff - probably included even f not explicitly listed, right?


ETA(again): I've hit the motherload! Wen to Dell' site & punched in part nos. from the order. Apparently, I get an actual hold it in your hand and put it on you dash Nuvi 200 GPS AND Streets & Trips with it's own USB GPS sensor. A two-fer! :D I wonder who makes that one? Any further info, insight, or recommendations?

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1. Yes, it should work in an airplane.


2. No, Nuvis don't do real time track AFAIK. Unless the airline has WIFI (rare and expensive) you would not be able to use Google Earth anyway.


3. You don't "need" any software.


I guess you got a GPS puck as well, so you could use that with the laptp, if you wanted.

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There are currently 31 Nuvi models and you're getting the very bottom of the line. :D

Well, it is free in a way.


Some software to consider:

Premium Membership (ok not really a software, but you need it for the pocket queries)

GSAK - (free to try; $25 to register)

POILoader - free; to load up customized POIs (see the thread on Silly POI Garmin Tricks)

MapSource (you may get it free if you contact Garmin)

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Yeah, it figures! But hey, it's better that what I now have (a 37 yr old Silva orienteering compass)!


Howabout that puck that comes with Streets & Trips? Anybody know who makes it? Can I do anything with it besides use it with Streets & Trips? My hunch is yes, as I have written some code in my time. But I'm new to these circles and wonder what's out there.






Pet Peeve: 31 models of Nuvi? Glory! It's like cell phones and computer printers - how may oddball variations do you need? It wearies one just trying to keep up, and they all do basically the same thing!

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We got a nuvi 200 for driving after borrowing a friends for a trip to the mountains. I love it! I know it's the cheapest one but it's worked very well and does everything we need.


I didn't know you could use it for paperless caching. How does that work? I am not having much luck with my palm m500.

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Don't let go of that "37 yr old Silva orienteering compass."


You will find it still useful. <_<


Don't worry I have no intention of doing that! BTW (a real tangent), a watch can be used for a compass as well. And you only have to worry about (1) being able to see the sun, and (2) whether it's Daylight Savings Time or not. No magnetic deviation!

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Well, I'm playing already! For some reason, the Nuvi and Streets & Trips got here (unexpectedly) well ahead of the new laptop. Now that I have the driver for the laptop GPSr installed on my (outgoing) laptop, I'm really wondering if there are any other programs or scripts out there that can use it.


Anybody have any experience with Micro$oft Streets & Trips? The install wants to hook you up with M$ Live search, etc, which I let it do just to see what it could do. First attempt at routing my drive home took me a route I'd never take! Oh, well...


Also, I couldn't find any configuration settings sch as enabling WAAS, etc. Maybe ol' Bill doesn't think you need it?

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... And now I try to register the Nuvi online and it's saying "Connect the unit to your computer" and they don't supply a USB cable! Good move, there, Garmin!


Been having fun, though. I took a walk with my son last night and he was really interested. What a nifty gadget!

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That is so funny, I also own a 37 year old Silva compass too.


The only problem with Garmin car units, is that only the motorcycle Zumo's do tracklogging, and just called Garmin, and they said I had to get a Zumo 550, if i needed the tracklogging function.

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I got my Silva while particiapting in the first orienteering meets at the University of Pittsburgh back in '74. Well, shoot! That's only 34 years... But yeah, about the Zumo vs the Nuvi, it's like i was saying, why a zillion different models to accomplish pretty much the same things, with such a confusing mix of features?


Still checking out the stuff when I can. I've already fixed it so it'll take my poor directionally-challenged wife home the quick way. But that's it so far. I'd like to add other "favorites," like my office (if she'd ever need to go there for some reason). Would that be a custom POI, as apparently the thread referred to above does with caches? Or is there some way to make one under the "heart" icon? It seem like you could but it really wasn't straightforward...

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I'd like to add other "favorites," like my office (if she'd ever need to go there for some reason). Would that be a custom POI, as apparently the thread referred to above does with caches? Or is there some way to make one under the "heart" icon? It seem like you could but it really wasn't straightforward...


Easy; just search for a location (POI, address, etc.) and then click "Save."

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Congrats! We just got a nuvi 200 a few weeks ago and love it. All the "bells anbd whistles" on the other models looked silly to me. This unit does all you need it to do. Plus, you can download a file from Garmins vehicles sectioon and all of a sudden you're in the Black Pearl. Too cool.

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Yeah, I was hoping to do something off the wall like that just to drive my son (who car pools with me) crazy. Gotta get the USB cable first, apparently, unless I can pull it off the an SD card.


Redwoods Mtn Biker:


It's gotta be simple like that, I wonder how I missed it. Here's a guy that builds his own computers, programs in 3 languages, has done real-time code in hex on a breadboard... done in by a GPS! :)

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