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We miss the Nettles... Get some nasty Cactus spines out here though! :) Fortunately we're in the one bit of the US that doesn't have Poison Ivy..

See here for details of this nasty plant!


Oh my god! :) Just had a look at the picture on the link showing the massive blisters on some poor soul's arms - give me nettle stings any day than that! :D


I hope he got 5 stars difficulty/terrain for finding that cache :D

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But the trouble with trampling / hacking is that it does leave a 'cachers trail', inviting even the casually curious to wonder why it's been done!


Very true.........we try to "comb" the sorry looking nettles back into place with a walking pole. Or perhaps trample down a lot more nettles to spread the area of activity, laying false trails........the trouble we go to, in the cause!

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A) long trousers

B) a jacket


That deals with most nettle (and bramble, holly etc problems.


C) a hat or cap


That deals with prtecting the top end


D) Gardening gloves


For those situations where you have to put your hand in ....


E) a Stick of Whacking.


For when you need to clear a path in head-high nettles. I can be quite ruthless to nettles.


I read this the other day presently I am recovering from a days caching.


My legs sting from Ancles to top of shorts :blink: .

My arms start at Tshirt down stinging :D ,

My fingers have randon holes in :D , from prickles and I had a GREAT Days Caching :P .


Next time I will try and remember to follow above advise...



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A couple of years ago I introduced a friend to caching. We did GCP5RD Via Duck Volts. My friend is a seasoned orienteer and a tough nut. To my amazement she walked, or strolled might be a better word, or even swanned, in shorts, through a terrifying thicket of nettles and did the quite difficult cache retrieval as casually as if she were getting a box of teabags out of a cupboard. I was amazed. Sadly - although a natural - she didn't take up caching, but when we meet up we she sometimes accompanies us.


I must be a softie, then, as I generally wear trousers for both orienteering & geocaching. However, for summer orienteering events, I have found that being a later starter helps, as other people have already trampled the nettles approaching a control before me, plus I often wear shorts with trainers and gaiters, as a compromise between temperature comfort and sting / prickle protection. Usually, hands and arms don't get stung so much in orienteering as controls are on short poles, unlike low placed caches.

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yeah - I have a cache near nettles and to get to it people have to trample them. Now you can see that people have been there and its not normaly a place someone would of gone so I'm going to have to move my cache! :blink:


That's always been a problem in rural caching. I remember doing one in the Lake District that was along a country lane, but the final location was a bit cryptic etc. All we had to do was drive along until we saw the neat path through the nettles at the roadside. Spot on. Of course it had been a winter hide.

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Had to do a bit of maintenance today.....


First cache, too many muggles - will do later.

Second cache - nettles everywhere - but not too bad. Cache replaced.

Third cache. Stopped the car, and didn't notice the nettles outside the door.

Opened door and climbed out - felt stingy sensation.

Looked down to see nettle brushing against teeshirt.

Backed away, and brushed off nettle seeds - not realising that the top 6" of the nettle had gone up my shirt, and broken off - so my frantic brushing was rubbing the raw nettle and it's seed head into my belly.....


6 hours later and it still feels like it's on fire.....










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