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Message to the Mods

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Thanks Lacto, Deccy and Ecky. Seems like they are getting it from all sides at the mo, from some people anyway. "Wake up and smell the tea" (not aimed at anyone in particular, WYFNI), because it can be a thankless task to be piggy in the middle.


I'm sure that all 3 of them sometimes think "What's the ******* point" sometimes... probably once a week or more. I know I would!!!


Anyway I am sure they know better than I that "The views of the Groundspeak Forums do not represent the views of the caching community at large" :ph34r:


Keep it up guys... I certainly appreciate it.


I don't brown-nose, EVER, but it needed to be said.

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I'd just like to add my vote of thanks to the UK mods for the even handed approach that they adopt when donning their reviewers/moderators caps. Keep up the good work and I hope that the present turbulence is short lived. How you guys put up with the flack I will never know.


I think the OP was just pointing out that we should all take a step back and let the Mods sort everything out in private - it will all come out in the wash in good time.




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FWIW, I think the OP has completely missed the point. Nobody was criticising the UK mods/reviewers. Suggesting this is the case is just stirring the pot IMO.




Yes we know the UK mods do a cracking job


IMHO it didn't appear that anyone was "stirring the pot" - not on this thread - nor accusing anyone of criticising the reviewers/mods. It seemed an opportune time to show support to them for all they do - lots already do show their appreciation, both on the forums, through private emails, and also reviewer notes of course - and to give others an opportunity to express their appreciation, and perhaps do something positive for them whilst they are sorting out a difficult issue. There are some who are not regular posters on here who may welcome that opportunity. Its a feel good thread - makes a refreshing change so far as I can see. :ph34r:

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The mods were, to me, between a rock and a hard place on the other thread. Caught between the wants of us cachers, and the wants of TPTB. It just seems a thankless task, hence getting it from both sides imo. Not a criticism of any of the 3 parties involved ;)


As a respite I offered my thanks for the sterling work they do. That is all :)


You can't even say thanks nowadays without getting berated :ph34r:

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:) Just a note to anyone who may think differently i fully support our mods on what they do and appreciate it as do all uk cachers.

Some people do have principles though!!!!

Could this be a UK break away :D

NO ;)

The Mod hands are tied :) and the Groundspeak orginisation HAS to work within the laws and rules, if not it could be fined, or closed down (WCS) .

As someone said to me it's only a game :)


How wrong they were :ph34r:

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