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Geocaching in the news

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"Inside are all sorts of kids’ toys. We swap a mini water pistol (for Joe)"


I did not think that you were allowed to leave children in exchange for items in the box....


Well that solves one particular problem I have, my next log might be.... "took nothing.. left Miss HH !" :):laughing:


I wish I could have wrote an article like that when I was 5 years old

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American coordinates???

Well you know those Americans are 200 miles out and behind with everything ! LOL ! :):blink:

I suppose its better than the old "Watford Standard" that was 30ft out all the time. :D

And thats also how far out their shooting is at the moment. :D


Seriously though, easter meet up with in-laws over Bedford yesterday so took BIL and his two children out to get three local ones, one part of the Bedford's Easter Egg Hunt. well it was only 400 metres away. and two down by the river. He revealed that they were thinking of getting a gps (they had been out with me on two other occassions) as friends of theirs liked a walk but just could not get their kids walking, and therefore deduced that getting the caching will help all.

Well our walk was successful, with one very good hide which baffled them when I pulled it out of the hat so to speak, and another well hidden which the eldest found under supervision.

Anyway to cut a long story short, get back to the house, open Sunday Times Travel section, and lo and behold, the said article. My wife moaned!

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