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My First to Finds


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Does anyone happen to know if there is an easy way to list my first to finds?


I used to use the list of 'defiled' caches GeocacheUK as a guide, but unfortunately that site had now gone :blink: . I have tried searching for a macro to use on GSAK but can't see one.


I don't fancy trawling through all my old logs so I was hoping someone might know an easier way.


Any ideas?

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Bit after the event, but I keep an offline note of my finds in a database


just basic info:-



find date

FTF flag



I did find a program on the net that grabs all your find logs, which is very good call GeoLog, run the program, then search the found directory for any files containing 'ftf', then just look at each resultant index.html to confirm it was your ftf and not just you congrat.. someone elses ftf (hope you mentioned it was your ftf in your logs)



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