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What percentage of geocachers...


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Tough to say. The FL Geo Association had around 1200 registered users over it first 4 years. Truthfully about 20 regular posters on the website and another 20 or so that drop in occasionally. A bunch more who use the FGA banner on their cache pages, and a fair number who carry the card (good for explaining geocaching to LEOs and others). On the other hand, how many cachers were registered in Florida over that period of about 4 years? no clue, no earthly way to know. Many who registered never made post one, or attended any event. Did they read some of the stuff on the website, I guess. In what sense did they "belong"? barely.

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I would echo Isonzo Karst's speculation that it is a small percentage.


The Alabama Geocachers Association recently surpassed our 5th Birthday with around 1200 members.


A good number of those visit and read our DixieCachers.com forums, perhaps 100 post once a month, 50 post weekly and 30 post daily.


We get together weekly for lunches and dinners that draw from 10 to 40, and have events regularly that draw 10 to 150, and there's almost always newbies at each but mostly it's the same folks.


Still, we are but a small percentage of the cachers in the state - I meet geocachers all the time who have never heard of the AGA and we get new members signing up every week, and I doubt that a third of the geocachers in the state are members.


Those of us who are, however, are sure having a lot of fun!

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