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Nomex (styled NOMEX) is a registered trademark for flame resistant meta-aramid material developed in the early 1960s by DuPont and first marketed in 1967. [1]


The original use was for parachutes in the space program.


It can be considered an aromatic nylon, the meta variant of the para-aramid Kevlar. It is sold in both fiber and sheet forms and is used as a fabric wherever resistance from heat and flame is required. Nomex sheet is actually a calendered paper and made in a similar fashion. Nomex Type 410 paper is the original and one of the larger grade types made, mostly for electrical insulation purposes. The Spruance plant, in Richmond, VA, is the sole North American paper production site. The paper is used in electrical laminates such as circuit boards and transformer cores as well as fireproof honeycomb structures where it is saturated with a phenolic resin. Honeycomb structures such as these, as well as mylar-Nomex laminates are used extensively in aircraft construction. Both the firefighting and vehicle racing industries use Nomex to create clothing and equipment that can stand up to intense heat. All aramids are heat and flame resistant but Kevlar, having a para orientation, can be molecularly aligned and gives high strength. Meta aramid cannot align during filament formation and has poor strength. Nomex fiber is made in the USA and in Spain (Asturias).


Turnouts: firefighting gear..


And the clothing has reflective stripes on them too.... appears as the color varies w/the 'discipline', whether it's Firefighters or Police.


Just a little I found.


~KT :(

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HI. The "nomex and silver turnouts for rent" refers to Firefighting gear. It is what Firefighters wear when the go into a fire.


O.k. the reason this is funny is because I am offering them for rent in the forums... gear to wear when you get flamed. stupefied.gif


I knew folks in the firefighting business would get it.


Thanks for asking.


On topic...I knew who I bought the coins from, I was just hoping for an update from anyone. I haven't gotten one by emailing them.

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