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How to find a double logged cache?


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I just noticed that my stats say that I have 403 finds on 402 unique caches. I must have accidently double logged one. How can I find out which one is double logged?

Where did you notice this? If it was on ItsNotAboutTheNumbers.com, you can click on the link (list multiple finds) to see the cache you logged twice.

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There must have been something wrong in my GSAK database. I deleted the database and redid the finds and it was correct. Oh well. Thanks.


The most common cause of this in GSAK is if you have at some point deleted a Found log after GSAK has captured it.


For example, you find a cache on Tuesday, log it on Wednesday, download your My Finds PQ results on Thursday and add them to GSAK. Then on Friday you notice a big typo or something in your Found log, so to avoid that "this log has been edited" stuff, you delete the log and write a new one. When you next put the cache into GSAK, it will add the new log but not delete the old one.


You can tell GSAK (on the "Filter" dialog, "Logs" tab) to show you caches which have more than one log by a certain person (eg, you).

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