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  1. I was attempting to use the FCOUNT option to locate the duplicate entry I had. However, I came across a situation where GSAK failed to show a count of two when the there is obviously duplicate logs. I had to find the logs using a different process and then I came back to GSAK to see what it said about the specific cache. I then noticed that GSAK shows two logs in the screen, however the count is only one. I am not sure if this is because the dates are the same and the wording is the same or what. It was obviously a matter of sending the same log thinking that the first one had not uploaded. Thanks.
  2. That's great, thanks. Now is there any possible way to merge two lists into one? I am assuming not, but one can hope.
  3. Ok, I tried searching for this, but I couldn't find the answer. I know that the lists used to be limited to 500 caches, but today, on a whim, I tried putting another cache into a list with 500 and it worked. It now has 501. So has the limit been changed, and if so, to what? thanks.
  4. Man, I swear when I wrote that last comment, I had just checked the map and they were orange. But now, yes, they are gray again. I checked and it is not a difference between IE and Firefox. Any comments by the programmers why this change would have been made? Having lines thru the names doesn't help much because you still have to mouse over every icon to know which name belongs to it. The orange squares made it easier to see which caches were disabled and should be avoided.
  5. Edit to scratch my comment since I just noticed that they must have been returned to the orange color with that last update. Thanks.
  6. In the Google map, the icon for disabled caches is now a very light gray instead of the old orange. It is very hard to distinguish it from an active cache. Is this intentional? It is very annoying since I don't want to go off looking for a disabled cache, and would therefor like to see clearly which ones they are.
  7. Does anyone know anything about the VisionTAC VGPS 500? I finally got the Wherigo player to recognize it thru bluetooth on my iPAQ 111. However, I cannot get any movement out of it in the game. I have tried a couple of anywhere cartridges just to test it out. They start up fine and when I look at the map there are objectives scattered around, but as I start walking, nothing moves. I do not know if the GPS is sensitive enough to see such small movement, however, I would assume that it should be because it says it is 5m accurate and it uses SIRF III. I have a green GPS signal in the game and there is a circle in the center of the map that fluctuates and gives different accuracy, but none of the targets move relative to that circle as I walk around.
  8. I guess you're running the player, so that version of the .NET CF should be fine. I can't think of anything else in the probable version history that would cause a problem. As for it not detecting the GPSr, the only thing I would do if I had the device in my hand is to disable GPS sharing and try it port by port if I can't figure out on which port it's communicating. I am assuming that in the program, the signal bars in the top right should turn green. Is this correct? Because my whole assumption was based on the fact that these stayed red and that nothing seemed to be happening within the program. What is the GPS Test supposed to do? It stops changing after "GPS stopped..." This then causes my GPS to blink in the "Not Connected" fashion. If I try using a port manually, it will give an error about not being able to detect a GPS. This makes me think it is talking to the GPS, and I just do not really know what I am trying to accomplish.
  9. I hope you don't mind me jumping in on tis thread. I downloaded Wherigo onto my miop550 and when trying to run it get "This application (player.exe) requires a newer version of the Microsoft.NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device. though when i look into the remove programs it isn't there to remove. I have managed to find a newer version and downloaded it to my PC i have run it on my pc and syncronised my mio but it still says the same message. I am running windows vista on my pc if that makes any difference any help greatly apprieciated Fiona I am having a problem that is opposite of this. When I try to install the .NET CF 2, it keeps telling me that "A newer version of NETCF is installed which must be removed before installing this version." I do not see anyway to uninstall it because it does not show up in the program list. I am using an iPAQ 111 with OS Version 5.2. I cannot get the Wherigo player to see my bluetooth connected GPS (a VisionTac VGPS 500). I have a mapping program on the PDA that sees it fine. Any ideas? Ok, I was thumbing around in the PDA and came across a NETCF installation document that showed the install history. It says that it was trying to install version 2.0.5238.00 but detected version 2.0.7045.00. Does this still count as version 2 even though it is newer than the one on microsoft's website?
  10. I was just curious about the progress of the new website. There hasn't been any new announcements for months. I know it isn't something that happens over night and all, but I was just curious how things were going. Has it been dropped, does it have an ETA, is it bogged down by unresolved bugs? That kind of stuff. Thanks.
  11. I think it's really just a marketing conspiracy to publicize the new cache type sell more Colorados I doubt there are many Colorados to be sold. All new production is probably going to replace the defective units already sold. In the last seven days, I have - gotten water inside the CO twice, once right in the battery compartment. In both cases, I was simply hiking in the rain. - been forced to power off/on several times when I get close to the cache because the unit "freezes" or points in the wrong direction - had to remove the batteries and restart because a Wherigo caused the unit to power off and it would not come back on. After I got it on again, it took over 10 minutes to get a satellite fix while standing in the wide open with a clear sky. - replace alkaline batteries every 6 hours because it sucks them dry in no time. Rechargeable NiMh are better. C I keep seeing all sorts of bad stuff about the Colorados. I am curious why anyone is buying them until the bugs are worked out.
  12. I have mine set for 30mph and 5 seconds. I figured that would put it into compass mode by the time I had got the car parked and was setting off. And like I say, a lot of the time it works correctly, but occasionally I will notice that it is just pointing way off to the side from the direction I am walking and if I turn in a circle, it just continues to point in that direction. (I am talking about the little black arrow on the map, not the compass needle on the compass screen, which isn't even on since I am not routing.)
  13. I have the one setting set to autopoint in the direction of travel from speeds above 30mph. But there is obviously some other compass or something that follows the direction the GPS is pointing below that speed. It will work sometimes, but if it is pointing in some random direction, it will work again after a calibration. So are you saying that every time I go over 30 mph, I will have to recalibrate? Personally I would just rather have the compass working while I am walking around so I know which way to walk towards a cache. I already know which way I am driving down a street and don't need the arrow to tell me that.
  14. I constantly have to recalibrate my compass as well on the 60Csx. It will generally work for a few caches and may even work all day, but I have to do it pretty regular. As I am walking to a cache my arrow will be pointing in another direction from my movement.
  15. Is there a free program for the Pocket PC OS to use with a bluetooth GPS? I am wanting to try out one of these Wherigo caches and so I got a GPS for my iPAQ, but I just want a simple mapping program.
  16. This also happens to me, however, I have had great results with Google earth tweaker. It is a very nice program to turn a PQ into a KML with lots of different options. One thing I have noticed about the GE KML from Groundspeak is that the coordinates are way off for the caches. Open a cache and copy/paste the coordinates into the GE fly to box and watch how far away it is from the icon. I haven't figured out why that would happen. There are many reasons to use GE that are not available on GC.com. For example, I routinely use the ruler feature to measure distances and also the borders feature to see where county borders are located. I wish the maps on GC.com were as interactive as GE.
  17. Is there a way to see the county lines on the Google Map? I know that you can see them when using Mapquest and I was wondering if there was a way to do it with Google. If not, I think that would be a nice feature request. I am not sure this is something that GC.com could do since they are using Google instead of Mapquest, but if possible, I would like to be able to see the county lines on the map while I am scrolling through looking for caches. Thanks.
  18. I keep a bookmark list of my finds because you can only get the My Finds PQ once a week and I was finding multiple caches everyday and wanting to update the statistics on my profile page in between. The easiest way was to keep a list and then PQ that into GSAK with the macro. It has just become habit now to add a find to the list each time.
  19. Wow, you go away for a little while and when you come back, the same old thread is still going but everyone on both sides have been reduced to temper tantrums.... I think we should start a new thread. Five pages is getting too long to read through. Half of page four doesn't even deal with the topic anymore. I think the moderators even gave up on keeping you guys on track. I think the title of the new thread should be: The Pocket Query Limit: A Slow Spiral Into Insanity
  20. Yes you could, but then you have to be standing at the cache to tell how far away another one is. I am wanting this to help plan some of my caching trips. There are a lot of trails near where I live that have caches all along them, and I would like to get an idea of how far I will be walking. Besides your GPS gives you only a straight path distance, where with GE, I can use the ruler path tool to follow a curvy trail.
  21. Would it be possible to put a distance measuring tool on the GC.com maps like the ruler feature in Google Earth? I am always downloading caches into GE and then using the ruler to measure how many miles or feet they are from each other. I use this to get an idea of how long I might be walking down trails or how far off the road a cache might be. This would be a great addition to the site which would eliminate all the middle steps of going to GE.
  22. I am still unhappy with the GPS' original POIs. They show up at some level of zoom no matter what the settings as far as I can tell. I will never use these and as far as I can tell they are mostly wrong. Supposedly, there is a restaurant and grocery store at the the end of my street which is in the center of a housing division. Is there anyway to delete the POIs that came with the software? I know how to turn them off, but then I can't do the geocaching POI trick. Is there an option in MapSource to not download them? Is that even where they are coming from?
  23. You know, I think that GC.com should just email all the members 1 email every day. It should include every geocache in the world. And not only just the updates from the previous day, but each day should contain the complete listing of each cache (just in case I lost an email or two). ... just wanted to keep the argument flowing....
  24. So basically, I am out of luck if my PDA doesn't support USB Host Mode? I researched it and it looks like the iPAQ 110/111 does not support it. I tried the whole POI option as suggested above, but as far as I could get out of anyone, I couldn't show the geocache POI without also showing the internal map POI. I would like to be able to see the caches zoomed way out just as with the waypoints, but not have the map POIs show at all at any zoom level. I guess, I am stuck with the 1000 waypoint limit to work with.
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