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Have you been to a cache in a public garden during full bloom? Do you have pics or a fun story?

The best one we've been to is Come Back Next Spring Cache in Connecticut. The cache page gallery currently has 133 pictures in it, which is a hint that there's some worthwhile stuff to see :ph34r:


Here is the text of our log:


We've been waiting to go to this cache since last year. It was worth the wait! It's hard to express how wonderful this trip was. The pictures don't do it justice at all (but we're including some anyway) -- you just have to go there and experience it. We absolutely loved it. Acres and acres of flowers, and stone walls and rocks and hills, and a daffodil-covered island in the lake... All on a crisp sunny beautiful April day -- you couldn't ask for anything better.


The field was suprisingly crowded for a weekday. When we were approaching the cache site, at first we were thinking "There's no way we're going to be able to log this cache without being spotted." But it was amazing -- everyone was just staring in such rapt delight at all the flowers, taking pictures, reading the plaque, and just smiling into space -- no one noticed us at all, as we sneakily extracted the cache, signed the log, and replaced it.


Loved it, loved it, loved it. Thank you so much.

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:) My first cache hide is in a Garden. It's been there since 2/2/2005 without any damage to the plants or property. There are currently 113 finds and 10 DNF's. People have added 23 pictures to the gallery, Guess they like the hide!


You got it, Babe! GCMNN6..................Sorry I can't link it, but take a look.

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