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Picking up a coin from your own cache?

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Ok a question of etiquetet......equtet.......eticuet............good manners.


If there is a geocoin that someone has placed in one of your own caches (or a TB) that you really want to pick up, log, and move on is it ok to do this? or is it considered bad form? :o


Dont bother trying to hit me for posting this (I have my anti slap hat on) :o


Been there, seen it, done it., so have many others. As far as the coin owner is concerned I expect they'd rather see you move it on, than watch it sit languishing for several weeks.

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Of course you can :)


However, some people will moan as they want to do it and it will make your cache more attractive if you leave it there so you have two options:


1. Pick it up and move it to another cache in the usual way

2. "Discover" it and leave it in your cache.


Personally as an owner I would prefer Option 1 as sometimes coins/TBs can sit for a long time with lots of "Discovered" notes

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If I see a coin I like being logged into one of my caches I discover it and then watch how long it stays there, if its there a while I tend to pick it up and move it on next time I go caching. On a number of occasions I have gone to pick one up only to find that I went a day or 2 before and had not been logged yet.

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Over the last six months or so we have noticed that 'Coins' seem to bring more geocachers to our caches and they of course move them on. TB's just do not seem to have the same attraction. It's obvious I think that the coin icon is the reward where a TB is just another number on your tally. We have only beaten geocachers twice to our own caches to 'discover' a coin before it has been moved on, the exception being Jeeps they certainly do not seem to sit still in Wiltshire. If it's in your cache though of course you can discover or move on....if you get the chance!! :):)

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Of course you can do either. I have a cache very close to home on my regular dog walking route. I often discover stuff there and leave it if I can't help with the mission or indeed collect it and move it along if I can help.


I sometimes pop out there to discover a coin I haven't seen before too ... perks of being closeby you might say.


On the subject of Jeeps, I left a green one in one of my caches and it lasted almost a week recently!

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If I see a coin I like being logged into one of my caches I discover it and then watch how long it stays there, if its there a while I tend to pick it up and move it on next time I go caching.

I have to agree with your line Matrix. It does bug me when I turn up at a cache and the trackable has gone immediately because the cache owner has nabbed it. It's fair enough if it's been there for a long time.


We love to find trackables, but we don't care about icons or Jeeps. Funnily enough we found a Jeep today and we didn't even know it was there. It had been in the cache near Weston-Super-Mare for 4 weeks. I assume this is not usual. :)

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I'll move on anything a TB/coin owner wants me to move on, even from my own caches.

I will only discover from my own caches. I feel that it's better to leave coins/bugs in my caches as encouragement for others to come and visit.

I apply the same method to caches I've already found, for example if I found cache 'A' 6 months ago and now there's a coin in it that's rare as a red jeep, I would merely discover it. If it's a new cache for me then I would rip the red jeep from it and take it with me as reward for finding it :)


Does that make sense?

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