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Next geocoin idea

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A lot of people really liked my handmade coins, while others grumbled about price and the fact they were made of lead. But it got me thinking about using a different metal.


My personal favorite finish for coins is copper, so If I made my next series of coins out of pure copper what would you all think? Not a "copper" finish over some cheap metal, but the real stuff.


My concern is the price. It would be a heck of an investment since copper isn't exactly cheap, and that would make the coins more expensive in the end, yes even more so than my lead ones were (they went for around $20 on ebay)...


So is it worth doing? I'm not asking for reservations or anything, just looking for some 2 cents from you all :)


Here's the lead version. For now you'll have to use your imagination to make it look like copper :)


More pics at scavok.com...


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My opinion is the coin community needs artists who are willing to push the designs and options. No offense, but the basic round coin that is "manufactored" is so easily reproduced. Where as I have grown to apprciate the invested skill in makeing coins that are truely craftmanship.


My mind comes to the recentl 4 Spirit coin series by sssooocool. THe coins are my favorite. They are truely a work of art. I appreciate viewing them, knowing the handmade process and unique material.


Don't know much about various metals. Copper would be beutiful, also pewter.


There is always a market, maybe a niche market. "Build it and they will come"


Go for your idea, I will be waiting for one. Wish that I could get ahold of the first coin.




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Maybe it's just the engineer in me, but I'm curious what your process is for making these coins. Just something to take into account when you're looking at trying different metals with different properties. For instance, comparing pure lead to pure copper, lead has a much lower melting point than copper and lead is much softer than copper.

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