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And Now For Something Completely Different!

Simply Paul

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Frisbee Golf in the Park (Aylesbury, Bucks) - From 12pm, November 17th 2007.


Just a note to let people know I'm holding the above event at the above time and date. November is a bit out of the sport's summer season, but I hope the weather will be kind- November was also event-free so I thought I'd add something to the late-autumn calendar.


If you're not familiar with Frisbee Golf (also known as Disc Golf) it's played with a frisbee rather than a ball, with the aim of hitting a distant target. Google can help you if you'd like more info, but that's basically it.


Hope to see you there. Bring your own Frisbee! :unsure:


Edit to change time from 2pm to noon (limited daylight!) and add an informative picture:



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Sadly, as this event is in the sunny south and I'm in the cold, cold north, I won't be there.


May I suggest a good game of "Ultimate Frisbee" as a wind down after the event? You might have to Google that one, I believe it's an American sport. It's not as rough as it looks, last time I played we didn't even have any major injuries!

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Thanks very much to everyone who came to a random park on a cool day. I think everyone enjoyed this slightly different event and very different sport. I'm tempted to have another one in the summer because I enjoyed it too :D


Sorry to those who didn't make it. Hopefully you'll be available for the next one, if I (or someone else) 'holeds' one :D

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